90's sports cars?

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  1. Hey everyone, just recently this year, I have become interested in cars. I don't know much about them, but that's beside the point lol. I'm looking for a list/suggestions on some nice sports-type cars from the 90's, for example a toyota supra...thanks everyone:smoke:
  2. So the midrange/lower end sports cars? Nothing like Ferrari, Lotus, etc...?

    A few judging from your interest in the Supra would be:
    Nissan 300zx
    Honda NSX
    Nissan Skyline
    Mazda RX7
    Dodge Daytona IROC (turbocharged)

    Only one I can speak personally about is the Daytona. We used to have one that was turbocharged with I believe a larger engine (I want to say 3.0L instead of the 2.5) and it was quite a fast and fun car. Since it had a similar body style to the '86 Corolla it was a beast around corners as well.
  3. BMW M3 :p
    BMW M5
    Mitsu 3000GT
    Audi S4
    VW Corraddo VR6

    just to add a few..I know theres more
  4. I forgot all about the 3000GT. Good addition. Same with all the wonderful German engineering!
  5. I recommend going a couple years earlier... pick yourself up a nice BMW E24 6 series!
  6. Get yourself a dodge shadow. :cool:
  7. The Mark IV Supra is the pinnacle of 90s imports to me, but they cost way too much now.

    The M3's and 97 onwards corvettes are pretty sharp too, are you shopping for one or just have a new appreciation for them?

  8. Pretty much both:D Right now I'm driving a 1974 Chevy Nova SS and I want a later model car, but not so new that it's garbage, like a lot of new cars are today:cool: And thanks everyone for the suggestions, are there any like websites that have a list of sports cars?
  9. I'm talking to a guy about a Mercury Capri that has only 34,000 miles on it's new transmission, and about 81,000 on the engine, for $2500. He installed white leather seats in it. What do you guys think about the Mercury Capri?
  10. Dodge Daytona
    Dodge Stealth
    Mitsu 3000 GT

    THE sexiest cars of the 90's.
  11. Never actually seen one in real life. Looking at them though, they seem to have that early 90s Mustang look to them. Which is nice especially if it's the 4.2L V8 or even the 5.0L V8. With the hatchback style and low body, you could probably crank out some awesome performance with that.
  12. 90+ 300zx all the way. always been a fan of them. BUT id give both of my nuts for a 93+ rx7
  13. Stealths are certainly sexy.

    My vote still goes here (Sept I'd not have that extended rear kit):

  14. Miata, Porsche 944 Turbo (up till 91?, but dates back to the early 80s), Merc 190e Cosworth 2.5-16. + all those mentioned above.
  15. lexus sc300 no doubt. 1995
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    I LOVE 90's japanese 2 seaters. I have owned a 1993 Miata, and Currently own a 1991 MR2 N/A with t-tops.



    Also an 1989 Supercharged MR2 and 86 N/A :D I am an MR2 addict


  17. i like mr2s simply because there mid engine and rear wheel drive. ive always wanted to adapt a 2j to the mr2 tranny. but i like the newest ones the most.
  18. I vote for my car 93 rx7 with some detroit built bolt ons
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    MR2 FTW Communist, love that sc and that '86 is almost identical to mine cept mine is an '87 t top. So many stoners drive these cars... my buddy from school drives a '92 mr2 turbo... berk exhaust, cai, bov, etc... body is stock though so it looks ok :cool:

    My bro also has an '86 mr2 sunroof that has the jdm redtop 4ag, he probably put 3k+ into that car then the compression got fuck't and it blew... quick car though for originally only costing $300. :D (it pissed on d series hondas but b series vtecs were competition) Probably a good 14 second flat car... 13's with tuning, etc. he plans on going with a weber carb set up once he rebuilds the motor, (were talking a whole 180-200hp!, which is a lot for a 2500 lbs car):devious:

    Here's my '87, rebuilt completely with clevite oversized 10.5:1 pistsons, bored over, the works... you know how machine shops do ha. I would guesstimate this thing has around 130-140hp to the crank, so may be 110-120whp. rebuilt 5 speed as well (5th gear pop out sux haha) she gets up and goes... :eek: and in case you were wondering, i prefer going side skirtless... just looks cleaner imo

    SO OP, if you wanna dope 90's sports car i would probably invest in an mr2 turbo... they cost 5-8k for a decent one that is stock-ish.

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