900W BLACK STAR LED RDWC (Aurora ,Master Kush,Buddha Tahoe,Bubblicious) feminized.

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    900W BLACK STAR LED RDWC (Aurora ,Master Kush,Buddha Tahoe,Bubblicious) feminized.

    SET UP
    Tent:Secret Jardin DR90
    Fire protection:Flame defender 2KG
    Light: 900W LED BLACK STAR
    Light rope ratchet:proGrip
    Inline fan: Vortex 4" .
    Inline fan silencer :4" Phresh
    Filter: Phresh
    Fan:6" Lasco
    Thermometer/hydrometerr: Acu-rite
    Air pumps : 2-General Hydroponics Dual diaphragm 3 p.s.i.
    Air diffusers: 4- Micro pore dual.
    PH/EC/TDS meter: HI 98129 by Hanna instruments
    Water pump:AquaSOMETHING

    Planted seeds in to rockwool (seeds germinated with in 24 hours) , I only had 2 rockwool cubes left so 2 plants in the rear have 1/4 rockwool of the normal size.Lets hope they survive.
    I am using two ports on the left (top and bottom as passive intakes ).
    This is my first time using LED, so I have no idea what to expect . Light is very bright,even brighter than 600W HID,it is almost impossible to look at it.

    Added nutrients today:

    (Vegetative stage nutrients )

    B-1 Red:10ml

    system contain 56 liters (15 gallons) of water


    LED PANEL:10" away from the bucket tops.

    P.S.I am going to start count as soon as seedlings appear...

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  2. just pulling up a chair...:D
  3. I'm in...

    My attitude order arrived today... Very strange... The postal lady handed me this let jesus save you flyer with the package. 30 min later some kid came to my door pushing a recovery program that is Christan based.

    I actually got alot more seeds from attitude than I ordered... Purchased a 6 pack of Buddha Tahoe OG and a 6 of Kosher Kush. Got all the freebies. On top of what I ordered I got a 10 pack of cali connection regular seeds labeled california dreaming and and another 10 pack of regular seeds marked cali connection mixed pack.

    I think i'm going to add a Buddha tohoe og to my grow. :-}


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    PS... Did you find a good set of plans for your RDWC? After this harvest I'm going to switch... I just think I need to add a res cooler for the summer.
  5. Subbed Elvis, if you get more than 500g out of this grow, I'll probably make the switch. I've yet to see an LED grow that does 1gpw, but people are getting a lot closer.
  6. My goal is to get no less than 20 oz . If I get it I'll be totally satisfied.

  7. Hey BioX , long time no see . How are you ?
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    I made my RDWC according to BudSlingers plan posted in DIY section . I made mistake of having long and twisted tubes and as result buckets did not drain well creating some nutrient deficiencies . After remaking ( tubes are shorter and straight ) sys worked flawlessly .I am using 5 gal bucket as reservuar , and if it is gets hot my plan is to use ice packs to cool it down.

  9. I'm good :) glad to see you're still up to your quality grow habits...very nice.

    I'm about to pull the trigger on a 240W blackstar...having some heat issues with the 250W HPS I used before.
  10. 20 zips? How long of a veg do you plan on?..

    I ask because I am running a very similiar setup. Only difference is I am running T5s and 2000w HIDs.

    I read his DIY, didn't like the use of tiny return lines.
    Personally, I am using 1" PVC return, 1/2" PVC feed. Drainage keeps up with feed. So, I am happy.

    In some of my first attempts, I ran nylon hose... kept running into the problem of tiny hydroton rocks clogging the line(Scrapped that project).
  11. I am planing to veg for about 4 weeks.
    I have my water pump set on "low" so water circulation is good.
  12. I do not know about 240W Black Star , But 900w does radiate lots of heat, not from the bottom(led side) but from the sides and top,so i am venting my tent 24 hours removing the hot air .
  13. I have a 240 watt blackstar in my veg tent.... It's fine with just an inline fan for exhaust.
  14. It does heat up my tent 9-10 degrees (F) higher than room temperature.At the moment my room temperature is 72F and inside of the tent is 81F.
  15. subbed, can't wait to see how that LED setup works for you

  16. Wow...900W LED? :eek: I must be way out of touch...I thought 240W was stepping it up in the LED department (keep in mind I'll only grow two plants at a time, and more often than not, just one)

    Awesome...yeah the HPS is bumping my temps at LEAST 10 degrees...but I plan to use it for both veg & flower.

    I'm expecting some awesome results...have heard nothing but good things.
  17. Hi RO76


    I can see the intensity in that led light. wow.
  18. Subbed.

    Looks good :)

    I like the idea of LED's, so will be along for this one.

    Puff Puff Pass
  19. If I don't have my air on I find my my 500s will will heat up 5 degrees or so. However, if I have the air conditioning on or just the fan without actual air everything stays pretty cool.

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