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900 lbs

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Luvdabuddah, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. man wot a bummer in yesterdays local paper a raid confiscated 900 lbs of various strains of weed, 47,900 in cash, 5 cars 2 trucks and 3 ATV's and more , bogus shit man!!...hope this won't affect me...hope thats not who my dude goes thru ...the house was about a half an hour from me i bout cried when i read that...freakin cops :mad: how depressin that was!
    toke on :smoke:
  2. Wow, thats a shit load of stuff. When your pushing that much green and have all those nice and expensive things your only asking to get caught.
  3. FBI, DEA, and local cops kicked in 8 houses tuesday and arrested a total of 30 people who traffic drugs in Lamar co.. sucks ass
  4. We just had a bust around here that was relatively large too, and now the cops took the cars they confiscaded and are using them as undercovers, only they put a sticker on the back that says:
    "This vehicle was taken from a drug dealer and is now being used to fight crime"

    seriously, they have a sticker that says that... I don't know what they are trying to prove... maybe that if you deal drugs, you can afford some really nice cars? :D

  5. hrm, maybe they'll put them up for auction soon? mmmm.... bmw m3...

  6. Ya there are a lot of large busts right near where I live. The Detroit-Windsor boarder has a lot of busts of people carrying over huge amounts of pot from Canada. One time only about 5-6 months back a garbage truck got busted with 2 tons of pot in garbage bags in the back. Sucks when it happens.

    Keep on token~
  7. my question is what the fuck do they do with all that pot after they cease it?

  8. Some cops steal it and smoke it. But usually they just burn it.
  9. the cops should sell that shit and get mad moneys.
  10. thats it im robbing a police station bad boys style only im gonna steal all the weed they got lol j/k but man i wish i had some pot if i had 2 tons of the shit id shit myself
  11. man, if i had 2 tons of pot.. i'd be the first person to ever die from weed. i'd die from smoke inhalation probably from the blunt paper long before the actually weed though huh..
  13. yeah, that's exactly what they do. great addition to the thread.

    anyway. it sucks how much weed gets wasted, and for what reason? i've always wanted to ask a cop who wasn't cool, why he was so hard on harmless marijuana? oh well...

  14. I wish man, they arn't that nice though. Just like a escalade (pretty fucking nice for a cop car) that has some rims (why they havn't been stolen or taken off is beyond me) and a ford excursion that has leather and shit, they are both pretty nice
  15. yea, a few months back like that one guy said, a few garbage trucks were busted in my area with the 2 tons.... I think maybe one or 2...
  16. You can almost put them on clockwork. They only crackdown here about once every 2 years so we shall see.
  17. weve got those stickers here too cow. this one time i saw a cop in a really crappy confiscated car.....and i couldnt help but to giggle and think how he must have been embarassed by the sticker...what it shoulda read was "WE DID A DRUG BUST AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS STUPID CAR" ;)
  18. yeah we have in our sunday newspaper always an add that reads
    *gvmt confiscated drug vehicles on auction starting at $5 call this number now!!!*
    in a big ass add ....maybe one of these days i'll call it and see what ya gotta do lol!
    toke on :smoke:

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