90% of a plants potency comes from genetics..??.

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  1. if this is true it would make everyone want to make the small investment in buying quality seeds over using bagseed. How much of a factor is genetics in determining potency?
  2. not all bagseeds are of a low quality...

    but yeah if you buy quality seeds from seedbanks you know the source and what the seeds have been through before they get to you

    some bagseeds may have been grown under a shitty light and so decreasing the potency
  3. this doesnt make sense...if i grew hindu kush and then sold someone a bag with a seed in it...then he has bagseed rite, just really good bagseed.. it depends on strain and growing conditions.
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    Nothing wrong with bagseed - if you enjoyed the smoke, bagseed will grow you more of the same.

    And if you grow with good organic soil and nutes, dry and cure it properly, it can finish a lot better than the parent.
  5. i know not all bagseed is bad. The very potent bud grown indoors in canada is not going to have seed in it. most bud with alot of seed in it is from mexico and has lower thc levels, which means that the bud grown from it will have around the same thc levels. And also i was wondering if people that grow think this "fact" is factual.
  6. im a firm belever that its way more how its grown dried and cured that the seeds. ive grown some bunk schwag seeds into some fine smoking ganja before.
  7. yup i took bagseed from a bag that wasnt so hot and made it into very good stuff. as long as you treat it good, it will treat you good. going with proven potent strains works better as some of the potency depends on its genetics but id say most of it relies on the grower.
  8. I agree to an extent. A lot of the commercial weed people get has suffered a great deal due to the herb being dried in the field and not cured at all. Not to mention the fact that the males or hermaphrodites were not culled and seeds were allowed to develop in the bud. This in itself will reduce the amount of thc. If that same bud is grown out to sensimilla it will be considerably better than the pot the seeds were collected from. But there is a limit to this. If the plant comes from a long line of field whores, then one never knows what her lineage is. She may have retards and handicaps and weaklings and every other kind of undesirable in her immediate family tree. So your chances of getting a low yielding, low potency, or otherwise inferior product are inestimably higher. With seed bank seed you can be sure that someone has made a real effort to improve the genetics of the seed. That doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get an award winning plant, but your chances are far greater that if you grew out a seed from some downtown brown.
  9. Yes, of course commercial growers want a quick profit - and properly drying bud is bad business, loses weight, don´t it??
    Us personal growers can wait (hopefully :D) until it is nicely dried and cured. And my surplus bud is always sought after, as it is such a nice smoke.
  10. any commercial grower i ever worked for or visited spent good money in getting people to cull males, harvest and cure bud.....they spend all this time and money (and risk) on growing it,
    they are sure gonna make sure its good smoke, or they cant sell it for as much....drying properly takes a little bit of time, but not much space and the price difference can be very large!
  11. No matter how hard you try you cant get apples from a orange tree. Genetics are very important. Commercial weed has been cross pollinated and will create hermies with a very large amount of its seed. The other down fall to growing this inbred pot is the fact that the genes have been degraded or mudded down. (Kinda like siblings having children.) This creates mutants and the "blahhhh" buzz you get from commercial smoke. No matter how good you grow it its still inbred. Can diamonds be found in the rough? Of course many popular strains are just really good bagseed phenos. But when your dealing with a small amount of plants finding that diamond could be very difficult. I would take the leap and invest in something worth growing. IMO Much Love.
  12. UVB can increase potancy as it makes the plant create more THC, the trichones start to gloop together.
  13. Well then you sure don't live in Mexico lol.
  14. how about this me and my bud grew some afgan skunk from clone .i didnt agree with some of his practice but it was at his house and he did 90%of the work i just helped sponsor and did very little.so the plants werent as good as they could have been .i dont know what happened but we had a hermi or two and some of the plants had some seeds .no problem i was kinda glad so i could grow them.so are these seeds of lower quality than the clones we started from

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