90 Mg Addies + 6 Bong Bowls

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Arnack, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. 90 MG + 6 BONG BOWLS=FUN
    I have decided to create this thread about the wonderful women: Mrs. Jane, as well as her partner: Mr. Adderall

    Mr. Adderall
    He is a wonderful man spreading his words of wisdom as well as his acute kindness.
    This man goes by: Mr \'beans\' Adderall. He spreads what I like to call fairy dust. Fairy dust, you ask? When Mr. Adderall sprinkles this sacred dust on his host, one shall feel tingly and full of excitement. One might say an \"orgasmic\" feeling. Mr. Adderall is a wonderful fellow, and at times makes you talk more than you actually want!
    -Described and portrayed by Arnack
    Mrs. Jane
    This little girl you see above has many names, but she prefers Mrs. \'Mary\' Jane. She is such a gracious individual and spreads happiness, laugher, and fun to one who accepts her as your lord and savior. Mrs. Jane means no harm at all, but she has been put on accounts of: cancer, brain cell decrease, and even DEATH! I can assure you, Mrs. Jane just wants to have fun!

    -Described and portrayed by Arnack

    Now, to sum up these two together, activating in your system both at the same time, I shall provide one word: sex.
    If you mix these two fair individuals together you get me. 90mg of Addies, as well as 5+ Bong hits. I, sir, feel like sex.
    We know that this is a stimulant + represent. These are exact opposites, and well give you basically the opposite effect. Mrs. Jane gives a happy feeling, while Mr. Adderall might fancy in a orgasmic, tingly feeling. I guess you could say one half of my body is like \"Let\'s go! Faster! Faster!\" while my other half grumbles \"Wait.. too fast... ooo haha..\"
    And today I hope you have learned a quite good deal on these wonderful people, and may the future be good to YOU!


  2. 90mg of addies is is pretty bad on the heart, and you prolly wont eat or sleep for the next 24-36 hrs

    ive done that same dosage a couple times, its fun for awhile but then you just wanna sleep and get your appetite back

    ps sex on addies is amazing, it feels great but it takes forever to bust, true story my ex used to ride my dick raw on those things, very painful the next day tho
  3. Mr. Adderall does have his downsides, I may add. But I can assure you, the positives outweigh the negatives.
  4. 90 is awesome man, but be a man and take 125mg!!

    I did that once, It had me playing my guitar for 4 hours, cleaning it for 4 hours, then playing guitar for another 12 hours...

    it was nuts man...

    I didn\'t sleep until the next night at like midnight or something, we started at 10pm the day before, I had woken up at 9am before that..

    So a total of like 37 hours I was awake.
  5. Mr. Adderal = Mr. Methamphetamine.
  6. No, it\'s Sir \'Crystals\' Methamphetamine. Sir Methamphetamine is Mr. Adderal\'s father.
  7. I love it too. I\'ve had 370mg from teus. at 9pm to today at noon. havent slept since i woke up teus. morning.
  8. I have taken 150mg of adderall, and smoke a few bowl.. Its sweet untill you want to calm down and sleep. That part is no fun
  9. Twiddly winks! 370mg is quite the bit! I bet Mr. Adderall blessed you with a greater feeling that no human can describe.
  10. I quite agree, Throllfill. And I have somewhat \"first-hand\" experience of this phenomenon. I only slept for one hour for 2 days. It was quite a tragedy. You may be asking yourself why? Because Mr. Adderall works the night shift too!
  11. I can assure you that statement is only true in the short term and completely false in the long run.
  12. i aced a 56 question gov\'t test in 15 minutes. last question was define a concept covered in the chapter and explain how it ties you to politics. i did right to privacy :)
    i also had a religion test over gen. 25-Joshua.. 250 pages of bible i think i failed that one. it was really hard and presented from the teacher\'s perspective, not a factual one.
  13. Long Term effects of Mr. Adderall is based on the host, rather than him. Mr. Adderall, and in low-end terms, he just wants to spread joy and magic dust, but, if you get too much magic dust... Well, it\'s best not to have a lot of fairy dust.
    Thank you.
  14. i only use it before mid-term and finals. recreational use is pretty addictive so be honest with yourself and stop when you need to. limits awareness is key to fun drugging! :)
  15. Right dude, keep living in your fast forward fantasy land of magical fairys and drugs.

    Good luck :D
  16. And here is even more evidence of Mr. Adderall\'s love. He is a miracle former. A wonderful one at that.
  17. Yeah and how about my dad being hooked on this shit and now getting divorced and in a whole mess.

    Thats love right there. :confused:

    Not saying there is anything wrong with recreational use, just uneducated \'all good nothing can go wrong im in fairyland\' recreational use.
  18. Well, like always, Mr. Adderall isn\'t right for everyone. He could cause to much glory and happiness, that you get \"addicted\" to him. Mr. Adderall, poor guy.. he just doesn\'t know when to stop spreading his love.
  19. stop calling a pill Mr. :)
  20. I think you should reconsider the hierarchy of the pills. They are the righteous, and the great ones, sir. Respect is MOST expected.
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