9 x 5 grow tent lighting question

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by zoned07, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. I am upgrading from a 4 x 4 tent to a roughly 9 x 5 tent. I am running a 1000 watts in the 4 x 4 which works out to 62.5 watts per square foot 4x4=16 1000/16=62.5. To get that w/sqft out of the 9 x 5 I would need 9x5=45 45x62.5=2812.5 watts. Basically I would need 3 1000W lights. Is it just me or does that seem like alot? Heat isn't an issue. I am going to set it up in the garage which is insulated but not heated and run the lights at night. I will be hanging thick plastic sheeting from the ceiling to somewhat block off the area the tent is in. I have been recording the temps overnight and they get down to about 40. I plan on venting the heat from the lights into the garage to help warm it up along with a space heater of some kind if necessary. I will be using one fan to pull the air from inside the tent through a carbon filter into the garage and another fan will be replacing it with air ducted from inside the house. So basically my question is what are you suggestion for lights, hoods, whatever. I'm thinking maybe 2 600W on the outsides and a 1000W in the middle? Or maybe 3 1000W with huge hoods to spread the light out? Any suggestions would help
  2. Two 1k lights will be fine... i use a 1000w in my 5x5 supplemented with LED's .. i get along famously with it .. if your still worried you can pick up low- mid grade led's for cheap and throw them in the corners and middle.. just make sure your getting the max output from your lights... or if need be you can throw a 400w light in the middle to supplement

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