9 Week Trip Across America

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  1. So I'm leaving for America for 9 weeks on my gap year and I'm from England. I can't fucking wait! I'm landing in California and hopefully going to Venice beach like the first day and chill out :D I was wondering if it's easy to get weed in California like Venice beach as I've never been. I'm also stopping off in Denver Colorado. Is it easy to get weed there? I only want to sample the weed I don't want to buy any big amounts or anything. Anyways I'm looking forward to joining you Americans for 9 weeks!
    Peace :smoke:

  2. Dude you have been on gc for two years and your asking if weed is easy to get in cali and colorodo? lol.
  3. No weed in California. Only heroin and PCP. Sorry
  4. Sorry I'm too stoned to scroll up but did you ask if it's hard to get weed in colorado?  It's legal
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    I can promise you the weed is better, easier to find, and cheaper than england while your here might as well try some hash oil.

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