9 plants under a 600w air cooled?

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  1. Is 9 pushing it? 1 foot pots, 3x4 area?
  2. VEG maybe, FLOWER oh gawd yaa ...
  3. So it would be pushing it? I was wondering because I have seen it done and suggested on a youtube video. I am going to have a 4x8 tent. I am going to start with 1x600w and eventually go to 2. I was going to put 3 rows of three plants under each light. Too much? During Flower of course, I have a separate veg chamber
  4. I have 8 plants in 5 gallon pots under a 600w:

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    It is adequate, but more light definitely is recommended. For HID lighting the rule of thumb is to target 50-100 watts per plant.

    You are at 67w/plant so in the lower end of that acceptable range. Also keep in mind that the 600w HIDs are the "sweet spot", providing the most lumens per watt (more than either 400w or 1000w), so all in all you are giving decent light but not great. If you could do 1000w and handle the heat and electric bill you won't be sorry.
  6. you'll be fine in a 4X8 - just watch the corners for mildew and make sure you have plenty of air being refreshed under 1200w's of HPS

    for your reference I have grown 9 plants in a 3X3 with one 600w and ended up with 6 of these and 3 slightly smaller plants


    go for it :smoke:

  7. well remember he's probably only gona get 5-6 plants outa the 9 for fems. but still that is a bit cramped
  8. depends on the strain really - if you pick strains that grow big main colas then he'll be fine as long as ventilation is good

  9. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: That main cola had got to be over a foot
  10. Thanks for all the feed back! New to this site and the people here seem very knowledgeable and friendly, so thanks. I am considering going to 8 plants in a 2-3-2 row set up. I bet I will get about the same yield and be able to maximize my light/watts/space better. Is this a good assumption? Also, cool scrog. I plan on making a portable scrog for about half the tent size in case I feel experimental. Do scrogs produce a considerable amount more?
  11. I have 18 vegging right now and I'm planning to either use all 18 or 15 of them in a 2.5x 4.5 tent with and air cooled reflector. I found out a few days ago they they are not Nebulas (miss communication) but PK so might have to go with the lower number like 15-12 and keep them short.

    If you get a stain that doesn't get too bushy it'll probably work.

  12. thats huge and how much exactly was that?

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