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    Feel free to follow and comment, always looking for suggestions/help anyways! Will post picture updates everyday, or every other day... at least try to anyways

    Planted: March 6th 2016 (Not germinated, seed straight into the ground.
    Strains: 3 Fruit Punch, 3 Super Lemon Haze, and 3 Blue Dream (All photoperiod)
    Light: 1,000 Watt MH/HPS w/ bat wing reflector (Using MH for veg, and HPS for flower)
    Light Cycle: 24/0 for veg, 12/12 for flower
    Medium: Miracle Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix, With perlite that I've added
    Nutrients: Fox Farms trio, and calimagic.
    Grow Room: For right now its a wide open room, will probably be moved to a 5x5 grow tent eventually unless I can afford a bigger fan and filter before they start to get stinky!

    Hoping this grow will go good as my last grow was a disaster and I abandoned the journal.
  2. As soon as I know they're gonna all gonna be alright I will label each strain A,B, and C so you guys can tell which plants are which of each strain. I do have a mutant plant, never had one before but was told it isn't a bad thing. Not much going on right now they're just small little lovely ladies... all feminized by the way so there shouldn't be a problem with that.

    They seem to be yellowing a little bit and I noticed some fungus gnats so I used about half a gallon of SNS-203 I didn't drench the whole soil but just sprayed a little bit on the top of each of the pots trying not to hit the plants, then I sprayed plain water on the leaves to try and get off any mist from the sns-203 off the leaves. Hopefully the SNS-203 will not damage my seedlings, I've never used it before. That's really all I have for now.

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  3. They look good from here. :love-m3j:
  4. Just installed window ac unit because temps were hitting 88 degrees. Crazy how much heat a 1k light puts off. :(

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  5. I feel you man i have 2 600 watts and i can't vent them outside, they have to be vented into the hallway facing a room and i leave that rooms window open. It's rough keeping it cool when it's not cool outside. Living on the coast is a godsend with that problem.
  6. I have the same problem, i vent straight into my attic though. I need a much bigger inline fan and filter. Like i said, ill probably just end up using the tent this go around though... tents suck though. I had no space to walk around in there and with the whole room i do which is nice. I got a feeling my door is gonna get kicked in this go around too. I dont sell or anything but people (women) who i have pissed off know about it.
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  7. Scary thought, fortunately i live in a legal state. You can grow 4 plants for recreational and 6 immature 6 mature plants with a card. It's pretty awesome legalization! If i had more room i definitely would be growing more. Little worried the smell is going to bother my new neighbors, the other ones are all stoners they don't care. i din't know about the new people though.
  8. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Some of them look a little more yellow than others due to the position of the light during the photos... theyre all about the same.

    Is Blue Dream A suffering from heat stress or could it be from fungus gnats?
  9. Oh damn dude, did you read up on the blue dream. Like how it grows. I was going to buy it until i read a reviewer say "i couldn't keep it under 6 feet even with aggressive topping." Hope it goes well, it's one of my top favorite strains.
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  10. May have just screwed up everything. Took the stuff off my windows to install the ac and i had a light leak around where my ac was...

    Now everything is messed up and he is a registered sex offender so im sure he knows about stuff like this. Im not sure what he does but he is always home almost and he was looking over here so i acted like i was checking to see if it was working and pulled it out. Gotta go fix the light leak now... gotta cut the lights until its fixed. Fuck.

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  11. Had to get rid of them thanks to this dumb bitch i had over my house. She was here and i had to kick her ass out for the night and she didnt want to go...

    On the way out the door she told me 'well fine then if i get pulled over ill just twll the police officer'

    So yeah this one is over. Wasted 100$ on seeds, thanks a lot to her.

    Needless to say she isnt welcome here anymore.

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  12. Get your card to grow and this will never be a problem

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  13. Yeah, thats not an option where i live.
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