9 million dollar pot bust WTF?

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  1. Check this out a 9 million dollar pot bust like 1/2 hr from my house. If for some reason this is against the rules,please do tell me.

    Police have raided a huge marijuana growing operation in the mountains between Scio and Lyons that they say had a street value of over $9 million.
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    Photos courtesy: Tim Mueller/Linn County Sheriff​

    (ALBANY) - Police have raided a huge marijuana growing operation in the mountains between Scio and Lyons that they say had a street value of over $9 million.
    [​IMG]Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller says members of the Linn Drug Task Force have eradicated the large outdoor marijuana operation that was discovered in a remote area.
    Beginning Wednesday and continuing through Thursday, Linn County deputies, along with members of the DEA and the Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue Post pulled and destroyed 4,707 mature marijuana plants. They say some of the individual plants were over 12 feet tall. The plants were in the cycle of life where they produce the buds that contain the higher levels of THC. They were very close to harvest.
    The estimated street value of these plants is in excess of $9,414,000 according to investigators. They say the operation was located in the mountainous area near McCully Mountain on Weyerhaeuser property.
    Evidence of campsites and a watering system were discovered nearby.
    [​IMG]The marijuana was spotted from the air by deputies during a flyover of the area. The Sheriff's Office conducts these flyover operations annually, searching for marijuana operations.
    No arrests have been made at this time; however the case remains under investigation.
  2. thats crazy stuff. meanwhile meth/heroin/alcohol continues to take peoples lives..............
  3. ^ Yeah, I'm really glad they took care of that. I mean, $9 million worth of "Marihuana" would have wiped out our nations youth in a heartbeat. Glad to see the drug task force finally stepping it up and cracking down on those dangerous drugs.

    Crack, meth and heroin can wait, because lord knows it doesn't get any worse than cannabis...
  4. i no wat is up with that shit. there is always huge marijuana busts but never huge meth lab busts or some shit like that. They should be spending tax dollars on drugs that kill not drugs that do more good than bad. Not too long ago there was a huge 6 mil dollar drug bust in the hills near my house. I just wish i found it and not them :p
  5. each year more and more gets confiscated. on top of that each year more and more gets spent on marijuana eradication. the prices get better too:p that means theyre pretty much wasting their time IMO i say use the money for something a little more important
  6. Harsh... I always hate to see that happen.

    If it makes anybody feel any better, there probably wasn't close to $9 mil... Cops can get away with grossly over exaggerating their busts.

    Not saying its not possible to grow that much dope.... Just I can imagine it'd be kinda hard to hide.
  7. and if they weigh it they include the rootball and everything. then they can say 2003436456745 pounds were found! but it seems lately that they just count plants now
  8. Yes now they take the number of plants and multiply it by how much each plant can weigh up too. It's probably around 9 million though. I would give them about a +-1million. That sux though really bad.
  9. pepole should carry a rpg to shoot those fuckers out of the sky. my plants would have a russian s.a.m just ready to pop those pigs down

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