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9 feet of pure pleasure..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheNuggetMan, May 14, 2006.

  1. well... its finally here... my boy finally broke down and brought his 6 foot bong with a 3 foot extension home from college. We just picked up a quad of some purple haze and will be having a BLAST tonight... steaks, blunts, hamburgers, purple haze (real deal) and a 9 foot bong :hello:... what more could you ask for? ill post pics of it later tonight or tomorrow :smoking:

    UPDATE: the 3 foot extension to make it 9 feet couldnt be used.. we didnt find any tape to seecure it on.. so heres the 6 footer

  2. Urgh, the old "purple haze isn't around anymore" is sure to arise in here. I don't have time to do it myself so I'll leave it to someone else.
  3. it apparently still exists in clones, but few posess them, making the likelihood that any claimed purple haze is real very small, but the chance still exists. You really hafta know people.
  4. 9 footer sounds awesome. hah most ive hit was like a 3 1/2 foot home made. as for the purple, i believe it is still around, but the likelyhood that you actually got it from 1 of the very few clones around is very very slim. Not to mention the price it would cost since there is very few plants around. On top of that purple haze was a popular strain in the 70s, and there are many strains much much more potent now. So it is possible that you got real purple haze, but very unlikely, and not worth the price you would have payed. Just my opinion. Sounds like its gunna be a fun day either way.
  5. ive known the grower for a few years now, hes been working on this particular strain for about 13 years now. exotics go for 60 a track here and 120 a quarter. it may not be the purp everyone is used to back then, but it is definatly some of the best around (in south florida atleast). i *should* have pics up tonight. im leaving now to start the BBQ and smoke sesh.
  6. Wow... 9 feet of smoke... with your son... thats amazing. I wish my dad would stop being all anti-weed and light up a blunt with me... but NNOOO!!! I have to sneak a smoke out of the window! Damn i cant wait to get my own appartment
  7. Amen!
  8. lol, my bad, i meant my boy as in buddy, just some slang we use here i guess :p.. i got pics!!!! as soon as i get home ill post em on here
  9. ^^ ya i Caught on to tthat and had no idea what he was talking about with his father:S. Anyways thats sick if you get pics REP+
  10. Can't wait to see those pics!

  11. Me either...
  12. 9 foot: only champions need apply.

    need to see pics.
  13. i cant wait to see it. Dont keep us waiting to long!
  14. So you've known a grower for 13 years and he charges 120 a quarter? Shit, I can meet a guy on the street here and get charged less.
  15. exotics in this area just go for that much.. doesnt matter if you know the person its jsut the market price around here... i addeda pic of the bong, but the 3 foot extension couldnt be used cuz we couldnt find any duct tape to secure it on, the seal is bad and sucks thru too much air. anyways, hopefully next time we will have some tape :-D
  16. Holy shit that thing is massive. I couldn't imagine being able to clear it. Wow I bet toking on that for awhile would straight fuck you up, purp haze clone or not. Nice posts:hello:

  17. Yeah, that is the truth. My boy bailed out to Florida for a while and he told me if you wanted good herb, you REALLY had to pay for it. I actually think he said 120 a quarter...

    But now he's back here in the PNW and we get the bomb shit for 240 a zone.
  18. nine feet... holy shit...

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