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9 Days to Pass Urine Test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MPKU, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Let me give you personal info since I know you will need it.
    Background: 5'9", 20's, 165lb. Around 15% body fat, moderately active, pretty good diet compared to most.  Weight training regularly 4-5 times a week. 
    Smoking History: Only smoked sparingly, about 10 or 15 times throughout last year, then in September, took it up pretty heavily until I quit. Not sure how much, lets say an 8th a week, until I quit on Monday. I'm abstaining 100%, not even second hand.
    Scenario: Stopped smoking Sunday around 1. Test is Wednesday (not the same week) at 10am. This results in about 236 hours, just under 10 days to piss clean. I'm sure dilution will be required.
    Pre 48 hours until test: KEEP MY METABOLISM GOING. Drinking plenty of fluids, daily multivitamin, eating properly.   I'm going to increase cardio over the next few days, and also include small sessions of weight lifting. I'm going to begin taking a creatine supplement soon, so when it is diluted the correct amount of creatinine levels show up. Also will take somewhat of steam baths, turning my shower up super hot... not sure if that actually works.
    48 hours - test time: Continue taking creatine supplement, STOP EXERCISING, continue with eating properly and getting plenty of fluids (mainly water). 
    How does everything up until this point sound? Is this all, or the best method? 
    I've been taking dollar store drug tests, and have been failing :(
    I did pass one with the SLIGHTEST test line, after HEAVY dilution. I was hoping not to have to resort to this.
    As for test day, I think I will wake up very early to begin clearing out what is left. Going to drink a large quantity of water, take B vitamins (for yellow urine), and hope for the best. 
    I'm freaking out, as I have bad anxiety, and this is important. How do you think my chances are? I'm assuming (and hoping) it is a 50ng test. 
    If I can delay the test, perhaps by saying I'm sick and trying to reschedule for saying, Monday buying me a few more days (I don't think this will come across as dodging it, since they didn't notify me of a drug test; it's just a pre-employment screening, but I'm expecting one) would that be of great benefit here?

  2. I didn't read your whole post, but a buddy of mine had around a similar time (if not shorter) to pass a piss test for the military, all he did was drink I think at least 3 gallons of water a day and he passed.
  3. america is one big pile of shit when it comes to free of freedom full of shit, oh yeah were free but you cant have a certain gun or make enough money with out the irs fucking you up the ass nazi drug tests for jobs, when weed isnt even bad, and if you dont pass ou get fired? what kind of fucking country is that? in canada its not allowed as far as im concerened and if they wanted a urine test, id say your fucking sick, and im quitting now, due to this being a personal violaton in my opinion
  4. great plains bentonite clay and fiber in water( its at a lot of health food stores)
    or sonney seven
    that stuff will fully clean u out in three days
  5. It stays in your fat, How big of a company are you working for? A fortune 500 will lab test you, but a small shop will just use a pharmacy. I say your best bet is to continue your lifestyle and overload on water with b vitamins. Or if you have access to clean pee, an oil change. You insert a catheter into your Urethra into your bladder until your urine drips free, Insert clean pee, then piss out clean for your test.
  6. I went through this years ago.. You don't have enough time so don't try all the bs if it's that important to you get yourself a system cleaner or urine masker from GNC or a smokeshop and spend the $$,I think I spent 50$.. There are cheaper ones but I didnt want to risk it.. You know the testing time so that's a plus follow the directions very very closely it will give u a window of clean piss my window was 2 hrs I think.. I did the same thing and & I passed Good luck
  7. Dude... substitute, and save yourself all this hastle. A pre-employment drugscreen, probably at labcorp? Fuck. $30 at a headshop for some quick fix and you have a job.
  8. Drink dell-dixi pickle juice with 12 teaspoons of sugar mixed in.
  9. At least it's not like me. I smoked for 3 days straight without allowing myself to come down. Then the day I stopped smoking bam, I had to do a fucking drug test with no warnings about it.
  10. Produced some strong negatives today.. feeling better. These are dollar store tests; however, I hear they are surprisingly accurate. 

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