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  1. I will be gone for 9 days. Right now they are in veg state and can switched over to flowering any day. Is it better to leave for 9 days in veg or beginning flowering state? Vegging will be under 400 watts flowering I move to a 1k watt. Or I can keep them flowering under the 400w watt if that would be better for maintaining water

  2. Nine days is a long time in between waterings...

    I'd keep it in veg; plants require more water in flower and also tend to be a bit more moody. You'll want to be available to tend to them for the first week or two.
  3. Will they die or be to far past recovery?
  4. How often do you usually water and how large are your pots?
  5. I had 5 gallon pots on my last grow and had to leave for 8 days. They did fine, but were droopy when I got home. I watered and they came right back up though. Just water the shit out of them before you go. What I did was VERY SLOWLY pour water in so it completely soaks it all up, and you should be ok. They make water spikes, but they work like shit. I tried getting some and they just drained out almost immediately. I'd say give them a really good watering and you should be ok. Really depends on the size of your pots though. If they're small it probably won't work. If they're in 5 gallons though I'd say that would work. I'd also leave the 400W for now just because there will be more heat with the 1000W and more heat means more of the water will evaporate. My .02.
  6. If it were me, I'de find a way to get that thing watered.

    If its 100% not possible ... I'de just throw those hoes in flower, under the 400w. When you get back start with the 1k
  7. Freeze a jug of water, then hang it or sit it on top of the soil.

    As it melts, the soil is watered....voala, may take a day or 2 to melt but its better than nothing
  8. Buy one of those things u fill with water and stick in your soil, i think there cheap i dont know exactly what there called but im sure someone on here does

    Its like a stick with a ball on the end but its all hallow so you can put lots of water in it, but how much comes out is controlled
  9. MyDogSmokesWeed brought it up earlier. It's a water spike. If your soil drains well then it won't be too helpful.

    The frozen jug idea sounds interesting. Has anyone ever actually tried it?
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    No, I didn't use the frozen way. I tried it regular and most of them just drained out right away. They were supposed to wait until the soil was a little dry, but didn't. lol. At least freezing them would take it a couple days. I think it would work. At least I"m sure it would for 9 days. If you water the plants well before you go and freeze the water and put it in the spikes it would take a couple days to empty out anyway, which in those 2 days say it would go that much longer. Should work. I also gave my plants some drought nutrients as well, and I had no problems. Might look into those. I know mine made it 8 days without the spikes. Freezing the water would certainly help as well. Definitely look into some drought solution though. Does actually help. I plan to use that stuff when I guerrilla grow this summer.
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    Don't know what kind of pots you're using, but this may help. This system is geared for use with smart pots, but if you read through the thread, I think you'll find it works for plastic pots just as well.


    Don't know what light cycle you're on in veg', but if you go 18/6 or even 16/8, your lights won't be on as long every day, thereby reducing the amount of water used. And they will stay in veg' until you return. You could also put them into flower. I know that plants use more water during the flowering stage, but this is because they are producing fruit (flowers). Flower production doesn't really start until 2-3 weeks into the stage. Just like reducing the amount of light hours during veg', 12 hours of darkness will really reduce the amount of water your plant needs to survive while you're gone. Hope they make it. Good luck!


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