9 days into flowering- yellow new growth

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  1. This plant has been on 12/12 for about 9 days and all of the leaves growing around the buds seem to start out VERY yellow, i know a little deficiency during flowering happens but all of the old growth seems fine and the buds are forming nicely. ph is at 6.0 although it spiked yesterday. the ppms are at 1450.

    Any one have a clue ? I'm thinking iron? or Nitrogen def but ... fox farm is a lot of nitrates.

    Or should i leave it alone, because as the leaves fan out the green starts to come back.

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  2. im no expert, but im guessing lockout, 1450ppm seems pretty intense, have you ever grown this strain before?

  3. I think that your plant needs some sulfer. It's not somthing that gets 'locked-out' much, it does tend to get 'used-up' a lot though. Iron issues have a more even colouring and it trails back from the apex like a bow of a boat thru water, sulfer problems are more uneven and have an irregular progress line from the apex. Yours is irregular so it's most probably sulfer, not iron.
  4. I had a similar problem with my love potion. The new growth was a lot lighter than it had been previously. It started around the same time as yours. I left it alone and it hasn't seemed to be a serious issue as the growth would green up just fine as it became older. Though, to be fair, my growth wasn't quite as yellow as yours.
  5. Old thread but I have the exact same problem. Would anyone else suggest it's Sulfer?
  6. Sulfur or Iron... but skunks description is right on..

    Iron lockout looks similar, often in severe cases looks like rust on a leaf.

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