9 days flowering, how am I doing?

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  1. First grow of any kind, I went hydroponic. Know I made alot of mistakes but I'm learning :D. Glad to have got this far, but need some opinions from the masters on GC.

    Plant is 3.5ft tall now, much bigger than I wanted it to be. First white hair appeared exactly 9 days ago. This is an unknown strain from bagseed. Been using T5s and LED, but my HPS comes arrives within the next few days.

    Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  2. It looks real good but why did you wait so long before you flowered it??? When you put a plant into the flower cycle it can double some times triple in size. I would love to see it in about 8 weeks...keep us posted!:smoke:
  3. Thats one plant? Man, you're going to have a tree! How long did you veg?
  4. Yeah you live and learn :eek:

    Plant was only about 18 inches when I cut the lights, and within 2 weeks it exploded into this....prehistoric fern thing.

    Thanks for the replies, I'll be sure to update. Like I said, 400w of HPS is comming tomorrow, and I'm anxious to see how that effects the bloom.

    Have to admit, I started all this so I could get some killer budz. Now I'm thinking all this is just one heck of alot of fun despite the product! :D
  5. It looks real nice. Same here, I am loving my plants like you would not believe!
  6. That thing looks great, it's super healthy. Let's hope that the plant doesn't grow too much more. :eek:
  7. the 400 should help stop stretch and encourade the plant to thicken up...supercrop it now if your worried about height...produces more bud sites too.....plant looks like its lovin' life..good job:wave:
  8. UPDATE!

    Ok was gonna wait till 4 weeks but got fidgety while swapping out my rez. So about 4 days short of that.

    Had to come up with some creative lighting solutions, as the top cola of this thing grew right into the HPS lamp. Total hight is about 6 feet now, which I find hard to believe.

    Scrapped my pH meter and bought a better one, so Im hoping I cant be more steady on my solution for the last period of flowering.

    As always, comments and suggestions from those that know better than me (which is just about everyone) are welcome.:wave:

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    Second pic looks a little dodgy to me. They leaves aint happy about something. A bit of corkscrewing which i havent seen before.
    What is your temps around that area ?

    Apart from that, looking pretty good mate. If you dont face any overheating problems with that 400w it should fatten up very nicely.

    Those purple lights are sexual.
  10. Yeah thats the part of the plant that got too close to the lights, sadly the top of the main cola.

    I have fixed the distance issue, for some time now, but they still seem to be curling. Could also be due to my pH, since my meter was a dud. Bud growth seems to be continuing though, and the leaves although curled, still have the look and texture of being healthy.
  11. got a red dragon outdoors doing the same thing...thinkin its heat but its growin' great and buddin' up so im not changin' a thing:smoke:
  12. Lookin good. I am just a few days behind you in flowering, I'm on day 14 now. My plants are roughly the same size. I did want a bigger plant. I went into flower when the biggest was 22 inchs. Hopefully we will both get a bigger return for the size. I'm going to follow this one now. Check out my journal if interested in my sig.

  13. I'm gonna be honest here and admit I wasnt really going for anything. This is my first real grow of any kind, and I just sorta stumbled through the whole thing. Made my own BB and everything, so the fact that it has come to this point falls somewhere in the miracle category.

    Plant was 18 inches when I started 12/12, now 6 feet.

    Just crazy, but Ill take the extra herb if thats what it comes too. Its all about sacrifice IMO :yay:
  14. they grew 2.5 feet in 2.5 weeks? Damn. I was hoping mine would slow or stop vertical growth in a few days. I started my tallest plant on 12/12 when it was 22 inches. I was hoping for about 4 to 4.5 feet. DAMN.
  15. Nah not that fast.

    When I say 3.5 weeks flowering, I mean since the first sign of female sex, which took 2 weeks into 12/12. So 5.5 weeks basically.
  16. You say they were 3.5 feet on 9-28. that was two and a half weeks ago. You say they are 6 feet tall now on 10-15
  17. Hmm

    Yeah, I guess you are right.

    Im trying to rationalize that, and it just seems absurd. But when I took the photo in the original post, the plant reached my chest almost, so I figured 3.5 feet. Now the top cola is over my head, I have to look up at it.

    Im trying to rationalize that, and it just seems absurd.
  18. are you measuring from the floor or soil level?
  19. This is hydro.

    Im measuring from where the main stem comes out of the hydroton rocks.

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