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  1. just thought id share my pic of my mary in MG soil......shes doing very well .....havnt had to water her in 5 days so far because i dont want to activate the newts and also the soil is still kinda moist down deep =)

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  2. Very nice. :)
  3. miracle grow=garbage
  4. soil activated newts = unwanted chemicals
  5. They're ragging on you for the soil, and that's true, but it sounds like you're small time and so you really won't care that much. In your specific case, the biggest danger the soil is going to poise is being too dense. Unwanted chemicals aside, your soil is going to retain water more than the rest, and so are at an even greater risk of overwatering. If you repot, you can use the same soil if you have to, but mix with 25% to 50% perlite.
  6. Solid advice.
  7. Yeah... except it's not at all.
  8. So i suppose i will comment......anyways mg soil sucks i did my research (after i bought it ...of course) im a science man...anyways if u play it very smart and just water it the least amt you can grow nice big healthy buds.! but the key is to not over water it...cuz like a guy said on one of my comments it retains water greatly! so when i water i dont even pout it straight on because i dont want it to make holes in the soil...thats how soft it is! lol so i mist the top of the soil until im satisfied that enough is on there to where it will sink down and hit the roots! like i say if your intelligent about it ...u wont have problems...
  9. ok here she is at day 12 mg soil 9 month feeder

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  10. I made the same mistake starting off with MG soil. Easy to rectify. Transplant your plant into a container with some FF Ocean soil. Great stuff. I was getting nute burn with MG after i transplanted all has been well for weeks. MG has those nasty little golden balls filled with nutes.

  11. haha great minds think alike. i did the EXACT same thing. used MG in 3 gal smart pot. got nute burn. it retained TOO much water. and after month i uprooted the plant and replant with FFOF. yea those little gold balls i think a few near the root ball proly exploded and burned the plants.
  12. Yea thats the problem. Im sure many plants can take it and like it hence MG being sold everywhere but not for weed plants. Its like a little ball of battery acid. I bet some don't ever get burns since I would imagine that some dont rupture near the roots but some probably experience severe from some clusters of them all emptying out there nutes right on a root.
  13. yea i hear you all..i feel ya too....i have no funds right now is the thing.....so because this soil retains water so damn much and i have to make with what i do.....i have barely waterd her twice since shes been there LOL and the soil is still moist WOW so i believe if i just feed her water when she is bone dry.....(whenever that will be ) lol then she will make it! so far no signs of nute burn! wish me luck guys! heres a pic on day 12!

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  14. [​IMG]

    The plant above was grown in MG Moisture Control. While MG Potting Mix is poor and Organic can be spotty, Moisture Control (with grower-added Perlite) is quite good. It's a mistake to lump all MG mediums into one category.

  15. im using organic miracle grow and they are doing well, healthy, strong cant complain. not sure why people rag so hard on it. maybe on day i will find out why but i havent yet
  16. I dont think its particularly bad it just can be for some. Oviously MG sells well its everywhere. The problem is those little golden balls of nutes that are in it. Crush one in your finger and you get a nice bit of goo on it. Now imagine those clustered around a root doing that. It can be to much for a plant to take. The people who don't use it rather fertilizer the plant themselves in a more equalized way. I think if your using it and your plant makes it past the seedling stage your good to go.
  17. Hey simon i dont have money for extra perlite :-( 2 weeks barely into vegetative stage and its doing well.....because of my watering skills LOL so wish me luck bro! ill keep ya posted with pics later bro
  18. and rhapsody i believe im almost in the clear !! just one more week and ill be in the clear i believe !
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    Organic is good I used it for my starter pots. I will be picking up fox farms when I plant into my 3gallon buckets. MG only sucks cuz of the time release ferts. Mj is a strong plant and can take anything including shitty soil.
  20. I wouldn't suggest any of the MG soils (ie. Organic, MC, PM) as starters. MG Seed Starter, OTOH, if great in that application. I use it, myself, in a pinch.

    I've run MGMC next to Pro-Mix. The results were pretty much identical.


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