9.5 weeks, harvest time?

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  1. Hey guys, I've been monitoring my trichromes for the past week but it turns out I have no idea what I'm seeing ha ha.  I have 2 plants, one sativa dominant and the other indica.  The sativa I know needs more time, but this guy looks ready to me.  As an aside - I broke a branch last week and said screw it, I'll pluck this bud and dried it and had a little smoke last night.  It turns out I've grown marijuana ha ha :)  It got me good and high and felt pretty 'heady' for an indica, is that maybe because I harvested a little early?
    Ok so here are my crappy pics... I tried zooming in on the trichs but my screenshot came through a little fuzzy.  I think I'm seeing some amber trichs which means she's ready right?  Also I included a pic of the main cola.  You can see there are still several green pistils shooting out, but not a whole lot. 
    Is it not 'ready' until all pistils are brown?  Or is some green ok?

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    Almost 500 views and no one has an opinion on whether it's time to harvest?  I realize the first pic sucks, but I think you can make out the trichromes... I just don't know what I'm looking for.
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    I've only read up about growing so no hands on experience, yet. But I believe you want 80-90% of the trichs to be amber.

    Edit: looks like you've got a nice plant there by the way.

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  4. Don't focus solely on the trichomes. Look for a little bit of amber but also plump calyxes and receding hairs.
    The percentage of amber trichomes is all preference but i think 10-15% amber is a good number to shoot for. Also don't worry if there are still some fresh pistils popping up, as long the majority are turning color and receding.
    IMO I would say you are in the window of harvest, maybe wait one more week because it looks like she could plump up some more
    The bud looks great man, well done.
  5. What the heck is a "plump calyxes" :)  Is that just looking at the plumpness of the buds themselves?  This guy doesn't seem like he's changed much over the past couple of weeks.  Definitely most of the hairs are red and shrinking.  I don't want to wait too long, if it goes past the ideal time will the buds degrade?  Is it better to be a little early than a little late?
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    Ya pretty much, but this is a calyx, and if you look close when the plant is ready to harvest they should be swollen up like this
    Technically when the trichs go amber they are starting to degrade. you want to see mostly cloudy trichs because thats when they are at their peak ripeness, But i think most people would agree its better to harvest a little late rather than early. I would let it go just a little bit longer 
    check out this guide on harvesting too

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