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  1. I'm know we keep it light hearted here at grass city...but I just got back from were the twin towers once dominated lower manhattan's sky line and i'm still in disbelief...last year i was visting my home town and like the rest of you reading this that day changed my life...and things will never be the same ...the day following that horror, when they reopened the George Washington bridge I drove my car into NJ at 1:30 am on the 12th and drove 3000 miles in less than three days to vegas. I just wanted to be with my wife. I looked over my shoulder on the bridge that night and saw nothing but smoke and lights through my tears. It took me three days to run away...and 364 days to face my demons.....please all the flag waving, t-shirt wearing and bumped stickers are played out....Please remember those who died that day and pray for there souls. I miss my mother and want her back in my life but that will never happen ...and all the sleepless nights, all the nightmares have finally stopped...but the pain has not
    ...in a city of millions i fell so alone
  2. today will stir alot of emotions for most of us....i know this picture almost always made me tear up....

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  3. 11/9/2001 - Now that your gone I cant cry hard enough for you to hear me.. Remember those that died today.


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