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  1. Just seen a commercial about 9/11 and Facebook has a page or something for ppl to post where they were when the towers were hit now the purpose of this is for our own grasscity 9/11 where were you doing on 9/11
  2. Burnin' like the North tower. Awe yeah:smoke::smoke:

    Seriously, I ate breakfast, watched some of the coverage on TV, and went to school.
  3. I was at school I think I was learning math or some stupid 2nd grade crap don't remember that day wish I could have smoked a j
  4. I just remember sitting in my 5th grade (i think) class and a bunch of peoples parents were picking them up. They made an intercom announcement "there have been multiple plane crashes in the north east"


    Then I went home and watched the shit unfold.
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    this means you're 14 or 15
  6. No I'm 18 check ur math I was born in 93
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    tooo high :smoke:

    sorry for being a dick, i just felt like being 'that guy' today
  8. I was like 9 and I was sick that day with some super head virus.
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    I had just started high-school in my freshman year. We were still getting used to our new school when another teacher game into my English class and broke news to us that a plane had flown into the tower. Every school I ever went to I could view the World Trade Center and NYC skyline from the classroom windows. My father had just finished working at the World Trade Center and was then working at Newark Airport, where the planes were hijacked from. I had even been there skateboarding with friends the week before.

    Then one girl, a good friend of mine and not the most serious person said "what if it is terrorists?" I never took her seriously and all I could think is how could a pilot mess up that bad. Many people went to view the burning buildings which you could see clearly from our high-school.. I didn't even want to see it. I couldn't believe the tragedy that we were witnessing and I didn't really want to see.

    We were then locked down in the school and it was one of the most crazy days of my life. People crying in the halls because they lost a family member there. It was devastating. I don't know how an organization of people could ever cooperatively do something so cruel and devastating like this. I don't know how people could be so cruel.
  10. Was in 6th grade at the time, I was in English class taking a test and the teacher was still doing some organizing at the beginning of the year. She was carrying an arm full of miscellaneous books and what have you, the phone rang, she picked it up and about 5 seconds later everything that she was hold was on the floor.

    I got picked up from school and was home before the entire shit ball hit the fan, I remember watching all of it happen, not really knowing what to think. My uncle turned and looked at my mom and said "You know this means war right?". I remember those words scared the hell out of me.

  11. 2nd grade is usually at age 7... September 11 was not ten years ago, therefore you are 17 or younger! AHA WE FIGURED YOU OUT!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!! BUSTED!!!
  12. Close but I was born in July so I am 18
  13. But you joined in April, meaning you were 17 when you joined. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone though. I'm just doing this for the lulz.
  14. What can I say I was a stoner looking for a home and on 4/20 I found this place so i had to join
  15. I was in school remember my teacher talkin to my principle then she told me a building in Manhattan had been hit with an airplane started getting scared because my mother and two of my aunts worked on the city and take this my aunt told me she had an interview in one of the buildings but something hold her not to go that day kind of crazy. Ps: I believe it was a conspiracy and was planned by the government.
  16. Same here It was planned by the NWO those bastards
  17. 9/11 commercial?

    Oh so now they found a way to make money with a megadeath that happened 10 years ago, maybe it will become a tourist attraction one day

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  19. Me and my brother just got home from school. We told my mom we were going to have a football catch and she said "OH HELL YOU'RE NOT! LOOK AT THE TV!" we were just like >.<
  20. On the day of 9/11 I was at the north tower visiting, but I got diarrhea. There were long ass lines to the bathroom cuz a lot of people were there that day so I left the building and went across the street and took a very painful shit. When I got out, there was just rubble I was like... WAT.

    In all serious though, I was home that day and I was a kid so I could have cared less, except my mom was panicing about it for some reason. Also, don't read the above paragraph if you are sensitive.

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