9/11 Panic Attack

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  1. A story I will remember for sure.
    So this took place on SuperBowl night, at around 7-8pm so it was near the middle of the game. FYI, I would of posted this sooner, but my internet was screwed. Ok, so the story.

    I'm chilling at a 'friends' house, his grandma is the only one home. She does not know what weed is, or anything related to it. We'll call the 'friend' C. So C decides to have a sesh, I had a bit of bud left over as well, so we hit the bong in his room. He turned on the fog machine, and strobe lights he had (trippy) while we toked. We had about 2 bowls each when suddenly, he just got up and was like

    'dude, go tell granny to call 9/11, I think my lung just collapsed'

    Meanwhile, I'm just like WTF. NO. I read about this happening all over GC, just never thought it would happen to me or around me. Anyways, so hes rushing me up to granny's room, and I notice hes having a panic attack, try and stop him and he just pushes past me, telling granny. I was surprised she didnt have a seizure. So he sat on the bed, called 9/11, and within minutes, the firefighters, and the EMT showed up. No police, or not that I know of. They all came in @ different times, first the FF's and then the EMT.

    Now I wanted to leave, really I did. But then I thought, fuck it I'll stick around cause he might need me or something. I was pretty baked. They question him, and he admits to smoking weed, while I'm right there. He also mentioned my name, which I thought wasnt going to be brought up, cause they were just packing up and about to leave.

    This kid is a dumbass. First off, you would pass out within 20s if your lung really did collapse, you wouldnt be able to talk, or breathe. Hes so dumb.

    Then after they left, he looks at me and goes 'yo I bet your hella pissed at me man'.
    I lost it, I just totally told him what I felt..which wasnt too nice. I picked up my shoes, and left. Haven't talked since, don't plan to.

    Literally blades, this guy was a fucking retard.
  2. My good friend had a panic attack when he was smoking. He says that shit is scary as fuck, that he said he felt like he was dying n shit.

    I'd give the guy a break, especially if hes new at smoking. Panic attacks can freak you out good, and your sense of reason goes away.
  3. If you think you'll pass out within 20 seconds of your lung collapsing, then you're the dumbass. First of all, there are many different ways in which a lung can collapse.

    "Primary spontaneous pneumothorax (PSP), which tends to occur in young people without underlying lung problems, usually causes limited symptoms. Chest pain and sometimes mild breathlessness are the predominant symptoms. Half of those with primary spontaneous pneumothorax wait several days to seek medical attention."

    Secondary spontaneous pneumothorax results in people with underlying lung conditions, and the symptoms include hypoxia, and breathlessness, but not passing out or lack of ability to speak.

    From another site:

    "The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Collapsed lung includes the 5 symptoms listed below:
    I suggest you do some research before running around calling people idiots.
  4. He is an idiot, he does not have PSP. Otherwise, I'm sure the EMT would of noticed. They even told him nothing was wrong with him. That he was just panicking.

    Also, its not his first time. Hes toked a good amount so experience isn't really the problem. He is dumb though when it comes to weed and other related things.

    Thnks for the research but this kid was fucked. Even his best friend doesn't like him lmao.
  5. I'm not doubting the authenticity of the story, nor am I trying to say his lung actually collapsed. All I'm trying to say is that the claims of, "you would pass out within 20s if your lung really did collapse", and "ou wouldnt be able to talk, or breathe." are really off base.
  6. I thought this was going to be about the terrorist attacks...

    The cops showed up at that other guys house because he called in an OD. This was a strictly medical call. They dont send the cops unless they feel they may be in a situation where they will need them (IE bunch of tweaked-out meth-heads)

    Not many know medical shit like that

    I feel like reading my EMT book now...
  7. quite right,we should think it clearly
  8. 'dude, go tell granny to call 9/11, I think my lung just collapsed'

    i laughed at this part. collapsed lungs? does that even happen anymore?
  9. All the time

    Well maybe not ALL the time, but you know....sometimes it does. Here and there, I guess

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