9/11 conspiracy video GC want to hear ur thoughts

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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyyRXfROhrc&feature=related]YouTube - Zeitgeist: The 9/11 Myth[/ame]

    im not saying 9/11 is bullshit and its a conspiracy or anything im just wondering what GC thinks about that hole mess.
  2. Dont know. Dont care.

    I care about the current actions of our government.

  3. That shit fucks with your mind man... Just forget it happened (unless u k someone that died then seriously stop caring mangggg)
  4. Let the flame war begin....
  5. lol i know rite

    btw i didnt ask for u all to tell me to forget about it i asked ur opinion can u comprende.

  6. Seconded.

    But when seriously asked or pestered, I believe conspiracy. Patriotism.
  7. I think it has some good points but I can't believe our government would do this.
  8. I herrrd that! :devious: Too many threads like these in here for sure.

    To OP: if you would have used the search button you would have found that this EXACT video has been posted MULTIPLE times... along with hundreds of other bullshit "conspiracies" about 9/11. Its in the past, let it go, and focus on our current government issues... like how the hell we're going to still be recognized as a functioning country once Obama's done bending our economy over... :wave:
  9. 9/11 conspiracies are major bull. All of their major points have already been disproved but the same things keep popping back up.
  10. We wont, by the time hes done there will be no such thing as an independent country left on this planet....

    but thats a whole different conspiracy

  11. Haha I then red your sig and felt much better. Hahahaha
  12. Old news. I'm more interested in the "health care reform" conspiracy I've been hearing so much about these days.
  13. [​IMG]

    First blood has been spilled...
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    To quote myself here..


  15. Kill Streak! :devious:
  16. These 9/11 threads get gangbanged by people who are tired of hearing about this shit, when will the OP's learn? :rolleyes:

  17. sorry bruh i beg to differ.


    if you feel like facing undeniable facts that PROVES that there are some MAJOR holes in the Government's story, check that thread out.

    it may change your mind. There is concrete evidence within that thread pointing towards the US government as the culprit
  18. there is also a lack of evidence pointing to anyone else...
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    Like I said before (you know, on the other page?), you can speculate all that you want but it doesn't mean shit.

    You're wasting your time trying to find an answer that doesn't exist. We all know there was conspiracy, but can you tell me what happened? (I know this answer, it's no!)

    Spend all your time wondering and contemplating and then when you're 37 and handing out pamphlets on "THE TRUTH BEHIND 9/11, MAAAAAAN" in NYC while wearing a tinfoil hat, I'll make sure to visit.

    EDIT: You know, I'll make a prediction for this thread, just like the last 9/11 thread I posted in.. My prediction is that this thread will last for maybe 3-4 days and then it dies until some dumbass decides to either a) revive it, or b) post a new thread on the same retarded shit.
  20. ok man im comin up on acid so im in no omord to argue right now ill get back to you tomorrow

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