9/11 Anniversary Attacks planned: Reuters

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OneLove22, May 6, 2011.

  1. Well since they can't hijack planes anymore to crash into buildings, and airport security makes sneaking a bomb on a plane almost impossible, they're considering something like blowing up a bridge just as a packed train is going over it. Let's see what else these wonderful human beings can come up with before we wipe them all out.
  2. They also found significant plans on Christmas, July 4, and some day dealing with United nations. I have canceled my train ticket for JUly 4th I was traveling thru DC..not no more though. Those terrorists truley hate all Americans.

  3. :eek: oh noes!!

    Lol someone has been watching a tad too much American fear based propaganda on good ole msm
  4. So your saying terrorists don't plan things against America?

    Just because he changed his ticket from a report doesn't necessarily make him a paranoid American living in fear from propaganda.
  5. they found gold here..

    they can now come up with any scare they want at anytime.. just by saying they found it on osama's computer..

    fucking genius..


  6. I was addressing the part of his post where he said the terrorists truly hate all Americans.

    There is no threat to our country right now. No Muslim terrorists have any chance of attacking us at this moment.

    How about instead of having our troops wander around in the middle east, we bring them home and they can make sure no one gets into our country from here.
  7. Their goal is not to kill for it's own sake, they want to cause fear and break down our society. It's OK to be afraid, but if you don't let it change your fundamental values, they lose.

    This is the way New Yorkers reacted after 9/11 - not a single person that I knew, or heard of, no matter how affected by the attacks, voluntarily left their job or moved out of the City, unless of course they became unemployed due to the attacks (of which there were many such people). It was a huge effort to continue, and very frightening at times, but it paid off because they are losing at their campaign of terror.
  8. Doesnt sound far fetched to me...
  9. they raise the security threat level (or whatever they call that colorful chart) every 9/11 and every 4th of july anyway..
  10. fair enough... and I agree with you on the last point.

    But saying nobody has a chance of attacking us and there is no threat seems to be a little over the top haha.

    Terrorists have been attacking the U.S. and other countries for many many years... it's not like they all the sudden just stop. It's just another group looking for power like anybody else.
  11. I feel you up untill there. We are still at war in the Middle East and it is taking a toll on the economy. They seem to be doing well right now IMO.

  12. I'd just as soon we were more isolationist, and left the whole place, really - but it isn't going to happen anytime soon, so we have to make the best of it. I'm a pessimist, normally, but I have a feeling that things are on the upswing for a change.

  13. You know what... I kind of feel the same way to.
  14. It wouldn't matter, anyway - the damage is pretty well done.

    We're despised the world over, we have been directly responsible for the destruction of more than our share of sovereign nations and the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent people... no matter how quickly we leave the Middle East, we will remain the target of countless attacks for the havoc we have wrought. Nothing short of a miracle can change that.

    Our best option is to retreat, strengthen our borders and focus on genuine homeland security, because God knows we're going to need it.

  15. Well not that your suggestions are bad, in fact there are some good ones, but we are not hated all over the world, at least nowhere to the extent that you are saying. No matter what we do, we'll have some people that hate us, but a main goal of ours should be to reduce that number of haters.
  16. we are hated all over the world..

    even the Canadians and Mexicans hate us.. as well as most of the European allies..

    never mind our enemies.

    the japanese seem to dig us a lot though..
  17. Great. Getting attacked by bin Laden's highdeas.
  18. No joke AW. Americans are hated worldwide from what i've seen. Japan just has an interest in our economy.

  19. Well I don't really think that Canada, Mexico and Europe hate us enough to terrorize or declare war on us.

    Did you see that poll on the other thread (links to thread and poll below) done by the BBC in April 2010? We're doing pretty well as far as popularity - most of the countries that were asked gave a positive approval rating for the United States - the best it's been for us since the poll was started six years ago. :hello:



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