Discussion in 'General' started by ugeman420, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. so its been two years since that day, and i just wanted to make a thread to remember those that lost their lives that day. although i am pro-war, lets just have this thread to remember, not to argue our opinions. lets just remember fellow americans, human beings, who were going to work and had their lives changed forever. lets remember the heroism, the courage that almost all americans put forth in support of our fellow man. lets remember the towers, and the people.
    may they rest in peace.

  2. that pissed me off... but what pissed me off also was all the people who were like all people with darker skin are bad... they should die or get out of this country n shit like that, i got a lot of that around me.. being like one of the whitest citys in america it was pretty hard for all of the muslims and people who looked "like them" but ya, good thread, will always remember
  3. To those who lost their lives abd loved ones!!!!!!!

    You are remembered!
  4. yeah. i remember. will always remember.

    its like one of those "do you remember where you were when you heard kenedy had been shot?" type things. you're not ever gonna forget.

    its a real shame that such events took place, and that such events were allowed to take place. thatsa lotta people gone in a short space of time.

    does it really matter where they were from tho?
    i always make that same complaint when nationality comes up in the news...

    "today 17 people were killed in a car bonb in rufiland, 4 of them were british"

    SO? ... AND? ....

    its as if we're supposed to feel for them more if they come from teh same country as us.

    fuck that patriotic bullshit. we're all earthlings.

    ---takes a few seconds in still silence ---

  5. a moment of silence

  6. i'm sorry for saying that it was just americans, although maybe you misinterpreted my sentence when i said "lets remember fellow americans, human beings", i meant all other people.
    - and i really don't see why theres any need to "fuck this patriotic bullshit"... but either way guys, i'm glad we are all remembering
  7. a sad day that we will all remember.

  8. meh.

    i wasnt really venting at you... or even inspired by you.

    my point was....

    we're all earthlings.

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