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    I don't blame them specifically, but they are a part of the problem.

    Mostly, I blame Americans. Fat, lazy, donut eating Americans who won't vote for a presidential election, but will vote in the millions for American Idol.

    America is on a leash. We are lied to every day. The entire western civilization is lies.

    Why can't we give peace a chance? Oh thats right. Its politics. We have no choice. Its between a giant douche and a turd sandwich.


    It would seem to me as if it is impossible to be both successful in politics, and a human being.

    Which are you first? An American or a human being?

    BTW just so I dont get bitched out, I was born and raised in America and I've never seen a war with my own eyes before. What would you say to a child who watched his mother's life slip away in his arms, from a war caused by American Foreign Policy.

    Just so this doesn't seem like a bitching thread, I will provide a solution:

    The constitution! The enlightenment! John fucking Locke, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

    They said and implimented some amazing things. Its too bad we shit all over it- America that is.
  2. The government needs a total overhaul.

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    Fuck, I knew it.

  4. While I would agree with most of the article, the one thing I disagree with is the motives... How can anyone knowingly commit these crimes for money? They'd have to be unhuman!

    I think the reason for all this bad shit is the physical structure of the government, which is just about the only thing thats remained unchanged for a couple hundred years.
  5. Read the Confession of a Economic Hitman. I am a Conservative Independent (R) but things are just starting not to make sense anymore. I truely believe that it is all about the money grab. :devious:
  6. We must continue to spread knowledge of what is really going on in this country. Believe it or not, as soon as 51% of the voting public is libertarian... the next generation's Ron Paul is going to get elected. They will adapt to maintain peace. If they cannot censor this internet thing, they will have to maintain peace through the truth... for once in our History.

    Glad to see the Civil War on top of that list... I hate how Abraham Lincoln is all but unanimously considered to be the greatest President in history. He was the first President to take a hot steamy dump on the Constitution and we get taught that he was the greatest American ever. Go figure he got assassinated just before the undeniable downfall of this Country. Seems only peaceful people got assassinated last century.

    As long as we use the internet as a proper learning tool and can avoid it becoming just another grand medium of manipulation, the Politicians will have to change. I don't imagine the GOP particularly cares for President Bush's 22% approval rating. If they had half a brain they would engineer this libertarian revolution and support Ron Paul and the like, not attempt to belittle his ideologies.

    In my humble opinion, when Generation Y takes over things are going to change big-time in American politics and society, which will of course have grand affects on the rest of the world. Or maybe it will be Generation Z, because there's no way Generation Y is going to teach their children to be socialist, prohibitionist, war-mongers... or will they?
  7. I do understand your feelings and am not trying to argue but you decided on this day 9/11 to write so I comment back.

    Interesting!!! If you look back in WORLD history not just USA history but China, Japan, Mongolia, Iran, Pakistan, Soviet Union, Italy, Egypt etc. and before the 200+ years America has been here. You'll see not just the U.S. has failed in the beginning. The U.S. is still a BABY compaired to other countries. No! but I feel your pain.
    War is a Crimal ack period but It has always been here with human suffering. Middle east holy war for instance for "land".
    I do agree with you about the oil and money but look at the Soviets they already put there flag under the norther ice cap for the oil... It's the world not just the USA all though the U.S. government does need to be cleaned up alot!!!!

    Saddam whould own Kuwait if it weren't for us. Shoot maybe the whole of Europe as scared as the world was before we went over there.

    The BILLIONS the USA puts out in relief and aid we can't even deal with new Orleans because of other world problems.

    I hope the U.S.A. gets out of the U.N.
  8. Ah! The Medium is the Massage!

    Well, I would agree that many other nations have done many other bad things, but this is America. If you've lived in the same country your whole life, its all you know. The society you live in is elitist. It thinks 'WE ARE THE BEST!' and nothing else. Most Americans feel like that, most Germans feel like that, and most Japanese feel like that. Its nationalism, and it exists to some extent in all nations. What I'm saying is that nationalism often writes its own history, and its important for us to know what really happened.

    Middle east holy war existed for many thousands of years. Right now, all they want is for America to get the fuck out. I dont want to get into a huge history lesson, but I feel like I have to. Its pathetic that every time I shout 'Iran!', people don't know who the hell Shah Palavi or Mossadeq is. Unless you know who those two people are, you don't know anything about the history and scale of the war in the middle east.

    The US gov't needs to go back to its roots. After the founding fathers died, the good in this nation died.

    Its gonna take a lot of death and killing to fix the situation though. Because honestly we need to get rid of the REAL 'evil doers', and there are shades of gray everywhere.
  9. This is kind of disprespectful.

  10. That is all the world knows!!


  11. Most of that list if not all is complete bullshit (probably started by self righteous fucks)
  12. ive visted a few countries, it is always the same, no matter where you go, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer...my girl is from money so i get to travel alot on her ticket :) (not that im using her, she always offers, and alot of times unless she is set, i turn it down)
  13. Disrespectful to whom? 9.11 was a trajedy yes. Many people died, yes.

    But Why?

    Why did they die?

    Why did it have to come to people hijacking aircraft and flying them into buildings?

    Lack of communication?

    Lack of understanding?

    Does the fault lie in one place?
  14. Joking about 9/11 on it's anniversary is disrespectful to all Americans. Why can't the insults be saved for another day? It doesn't matter who we voted for or who got elected, it all would have happened anyways.
  15. First off. Are you in Iraq fighting for the U.S.?

    If so my prayers are with you and stay safe....

    You are right lack or communication just lick pearl harbor...
  16. Who are you addressing?
  17. Sorry I was addressing Alpha

  18. I am an American.

    But I am not prepared to disclose my location on this website ;)

    Please don't take what I say as insulting. You may be insulted by what I have to say, but I really know that I'm speaking the truth. As shocking as it may be, America is the bad guy right now.

    I dont think anybody wakes up one morning and decides to be the bad guy, same with nations. I think its a problem with the structure and organization of the government, as well as the nature of the leaders who are in power. In 1776, people fought for their way of life, and created a government. They wanted a new revolutionary type of government, of the people, by the people and FOR the people.

    A true leader who takes office as his SERVICE does not use his POWER for his own personal gains. I would say that just about every politician in power today takes advantage of his situation, or HAS TAKEN advantage of past situations in order to benefit HIMSELF.

    What we need is people like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, RON PAUL. People who want to SERVE in the government.

    Is there a solution to this problem? I know I keep using Marshall McLuhan (I just finished a couple of his books- they were astounding) as an example, but he wrote that we keep trying to use yesterday's solutions to today's problems.

    I have two insights. One is from another book, Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein. in the distant future, the Terran (Earth) Federation requires that if you want to vote, you have to serve in the military. The purpose behind this is that people who are not prepared to give their life for their country can not and should not have any say in it.

    Let me make an extreme scenario.

    George Bush is taken captive by me, and is given a choice. Either I let him go scot free and detonate a nuclear bomb at my time and place of choosing, or I shoot him in the head, and do not detonate any bomb.

    What do you think he would choose? What would your governer choose? Your mayor?

    Public office is a service to your country. They should not get paid a fucking penny for what they do. How can you pay someone $400,000 a year when all he has done is COST us the taxpayers, 1.2 TRILLION dollars, and hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide?

    Poor bush, always the scapegoat. But its not just him. Its most politicians.

    Ron Paul seems to be the most sincere politician out there right now. He never voted for any of his own tax raises or anything like that.

    I will end with this: terrible things can happen to countries when they look to a single leader for guidance in times of peril.

    We can not abandon the founding principles behind this union.
  19. Ron is my pick too but I realize he won't get elected. Just like Nader never could have.

    Pretty much I agree with your post, I just don't think today is the day to be insulting this country.
  20. everyday is a good day to insult this piece of shit country, thats why I decided to I'm dropping out of college and leaving this country for good

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