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  1. Damn, I cant believe it is September ALREADY. [​IMG] I know it happens EVERY YEAR, I know in May, that Sept, is going to be just around the corner, but HOTDAMN! This is crazy! For 27 years now, I have experienced summers come and go, but this year, what happened?
  2. If summer was a permanent season you wouldnt enjoy it anymore.
    Enjoy Fall while you have the chance! And winter too, and spring.....
  3. Personally, I am happy summer is over. I absolutely love the fall, when the air starts getting that crispness to it, when the leaves start changing (still got a bit to go for that though) mmmm i don't know, I just absolutely love the fall.... really the only season i like now that i really think about it

    But yeah, the summer did pass by unusually fast this year
  4. Whether the weather is hot or the weather is cold, we must weather the weather, whether we like it or not.

  5. Quoted for agreement. Every year in September I celebrate the end of summer. I hate it so. I can't wait until everywhere smells like wood smoke and it's time for hay-rides and apple cider. Yes!
  6. I do love every season for what it brings, I embrace it to the fullest. This is my first summer away from the the Jersey summer I am used to, my first summer Im ending without a tan! Washington is beautiful, and I loved her summer and Im looking forward to her fall and all..
    Its not so much season I suppose as just the time that passed so quickly. I found myself working way too much to get out and do the things I wanted to do while the weather permitted. And Im just not sure if Ill be here next summer to get out to do those things..my lady wants to get me out of Washington before Ill never leave lol. I dig it a lot more than her.
    C'est la vie!
  7. Don't think of it as summer ending, think of it as football season beginning.


    You are SO right. I am usually excited about FOOTBALL to start, I guess today I couldn't get over not being able to spend more time outside exploring this part of the terrain while it was "nice" weather. But you speak the truth here! Good stuff!!! Thanks for helping me remember whats good :)

  9. Right on, brotha. Fuckin Patriots Look NASTY this year.

    I cant wait:D.

    And yeah, the summers gone by quick as all hell. The last 6 months have been a strait blur for me. Workin third shift makes it seem like the day time never ends.

    When you go into work, its light out. When you leave work, its light out. When you wake up, its light out. I barely ever see the night time anymore :cool:
  10. i was just thinking yesterday that having just spring and fall as seasons would be great. maybe i'll eventually move to where there a dry season instead of winter or summer.
  11. Yeah I dont realyl like extremes, but I have to say I love every season right as its coming up. Then like a month later Im praying for the next one.

    But I still might say fall is my favorite, tied ith spring. Seriously, nothing is better than when you have to wake up at like 6 am, so you wake and bake and you get lungfuls of that pure autumn air. Now that I think about, fall is nature's bong. It feels like breathing air and it gives you tons of cool colors to look at.
  12. Few people understand the hardship of losing summer as greatly as we Canadian folk do. Back to our stereotypical frozen wasteland we go..
  13. I'm from the south. I absolutely LOVE, I mean, LOVE hot and humid weather. Give me 100 degrees with 90% Humidity. With a nice, breeze, and sleeping in a hammock outside. Mmmmmm...

    I hate cold. I'm in Mass, now. Its already dropping to 50 degrees at night. Southern Blood can't handle the cold.
  14. The summer sucks here so I can't wait for it to get colder, I'm from chicago so I used to like summer until I moved here haha

  15. Amen brother +rep
  16. no one here likes snow? i much more prefer it to 100 degree days, cause ya can only get so naked. biggest thing tho is i love to snow ski! coarse for just gettin out & about gimmie spring & fall.
  17. Not in Florida :D

    Winter is nice.
  18. Cant wait for fall. I love summer dont get me wrong, fall is just my favorite time of year. Though, I imagine South Carolina is so much different than Arkansas fall weather that Im used to growing up with.
  19. Us Chicagoans are hearty people man, we have to live through 100+ days with no beach, tornadoes, hail, strong winds, blizzards, -30 degree WEEKS... and thats just in one month, man...:D
  20. I usually love the summer, but this summer has been pretty shitty for me. I am looking forward to going home in oct. I cant wait for christmas this year. I am spending it char, and we are going to a secluded cabin for 2 in the rocky mtns.

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