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    So I'm just finishing my first grow ever, outdoors. got about 4 weeks til harvest.
    anyways after reading things for a couple weeks it seems so much more complex getting started than it was for an outdoor grow.
    Here's my goal..
    10 plants in 7 gallon pots. 4 week veg then Xweeks flowering (depending on flower times per strain..)

    First, will that be enough room for that many plants? I'm gonna mainline so i will keep them pretty short but I do know hps and mh need to be a good distance away from the top of the plants.

    Now is it necessary to have mh for veg and hps for flower. Or can I use either or for both? I have read that spectrums on hps might cause longer internodal spacing, how accurate is that? is it something I should worry about?

    also what is the minimum number of lights I will need to keep these girls growing vigorously? say 3 1000s or 4 600s? would that many even fit in my tent? would they cause too much of a heat issue?

    and last main question.. lol I don't understand anything about exhaust ducting and intake fans and all that stuff.. idek what an intake fan is. what would suffice my size of grow tent? whatever lights I get should they be the kind with air cooled reflector hoods?

    I have a shit ton of questions and I read a lot but I wanna no more now on my specific setup..
    thanks in advance.


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