8x8 Closet or Tent in 8x8 closet

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  1. Hi All

    I'm in a state that just passed medical Marijuana laws. I got my doctors approval today and since there will be no pharmacies for a few months I get to grow my first year. As I explain my situation please keep in mind I am pretty doped up on narcotics because of the pain i'm in ( just in case I don't make sense ).

    I have an 8x8 closet with access to the attic. It also has an AC vent and a light fixture I can use for power.

    I can put a tent in it or use it by itself. Tent has plusses as does using the room without it. Anyways here are my questions.

    1.) With the closet door closed the only place that air will come in from is the AC vent. Pic 1, 2 show what it looks like. The cut out area is 4"x4". Is the small ac vent enough to keep an 8x8x8 room ventilated? With the ac not running it should still continue to pull air right?

    2.) Is the light fixture enough power for a 600W light, fans and inline blowers or should I run an extension into the room?

    3.) Would a cheap inlineduct fan be okay for the closet or do I need a better one? See links.

    HTG Supply - 6" Inline Duct Fan
    HTG Supply - GrowBright 6" High Velocity Inline Fan

    Any advise is greatly appreciated. I will continue to post picks as my room developes and my crop comes in.

    Old Dude In Pain

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