8x8 autoflower grow need feedback

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  1. Hello!
    I was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on my setup that I have planned for my next grow. Mainly just the tent, lights and amounts of plants.

    Tent: 1 x Mammoth pro+ HC240 8x8x7 (240x240x225cm)

    Light: 4 x SUN SYSTEM RS 1850 LED - 720W (TOTAL 2880W) Sun System® RS 1850 LED EU - 720W | led-grower.eu

    Pot: 20 x Gold label soft pot 3 Gallon (11 Liter)

    Strain: "2Fast4Buds" Im thinking of going for either Lemon AK Auto, Big Bud Auto, or Northern Lights Auto.

    Will 20x 3 gallon pots be an OK amount for my space if I plan on doing LST? Or should I do less, or maybe even more?

    Also does anyone think that the lights are a bit overkill or could I get away with less, lets say 2000-2500w?
    Im not too familar with these lights myself so any feedback on them would be very much appreciated!
    Thanks! :)
  2. 64 square foot of grow space requires 1920watts minimum led lighting
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  3. Looks good imo. 45 watts a sqft will give you great penetration. What I run in a 4x4 45 watts a sqft. My only advise is for every auto you grow you're going to lose around 4oz or more from using the same space, same method, equipment, light bill, same everything to grow a photo period. Personally if I wanted to do 3 gallons like that I'd do a sea of green with a trellis and photo periods. Under that light you'll get good veg growth same veg time as a auto more or less with that many plants. Good luck

    :edit you're not going to lose 4oz per plant using 20 3 gallon pots of photos with a short veg. That advise was for fewer plants bigger pots.
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  4. this is a heavy grow with much room for a total screw up
    ensure you have at least grown a carrot, potatoe, or weed before,
    if not try growing just 10 plants to ease the education, we get many startups here and few finish with desirable results
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    Agree especially growing autos with no margin for error
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    Personally I'd rather run 10 photos in 7 to 10 gallon pots. I run plenty of autos, always outside tho, save my tents for photoperiods. Because of the reasons I stated above, photos pull more weed for same cost, and effort
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  7. Hey yeah I have been considering doing photos but I'm kind of short on time so that's why I was going for the autos.. Do you have any thoughts on the lights, like would you recommend them?
    Appreciate the feedback!:biggrin:
  8. I have gardening experience for sure and I have done a few indoor grows before but its been awhile.. I've always been more of an outdoor guy. Do you think it looks good otherwise? :huh:I'm getting the entire setup for a bargain so with the lights being a bit overkill which I find myself I can always dim them
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  9. I'll try to stick in the 2000-2500w range then, thanks!
    The HLGs look amazing, 2 of those scorpion should do the trick right :biggrin:
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  10. 2x700 watts is 1400 watts
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    Under a good light, photos only take about another month. Autos start flowing around a month photos under a good light just need a month to veg. Photos just have a longer flowering time. Idk about the light, honestly need to use something like a light to give honest feed back specs sound good but until those specs are put to the test cant give a accurate suggestion. Brands job are to sell, so specs cant always be 100%. Not saying anything about that light just saying to clarify feed back remark.

    Mess up a auto youd be lucky to get a oz yea youd have 20 oz but its alot of work to tend to 20 plants. Costs and labor wouldnt add up to the reward vs being able to carry 10 healthy photos into flower and doubling yield compared to 20 healthy autos in 3 gallons.

    Imo lights aren't over kill headhunter said minimum. Personally run a growers choice ROI-e720 in a 4x4 for the same watts per sqft. You'll have even bud development as long as plants are opened up and use defoliation to allow light penetration. No fluff lowers will be just as dense as tops instead of having good tops alright mids and larf lowers. 35 to 40 watts a sqft may give the same never used it and depends on lights quality. Hlg is top of the line quality, just went with growers choice for bar style for complete even canopy coverage
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    it reminds me I should check and note the specs of my new Migrow array 8's
    500watts x2 over a 4x4ft area= 31wpsf?
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  14. At first when i started buying led lights or stared growing indoors, ya i bought the wrong LED lighting.
    After that I started making or assembling my own LED lighting by buying LED grow light kits.
    I made 5 channel Cree/Cob boards with a Makers controller @ the cost of about 3.50 $ per watt.
    Then well known members in here pointed me to the Samsung LED's boards @ about a buck a watt.
    My first LED lights were the mars 300, results was Mars advertisement was misleading they were 135 actual watts airy fluffy buds I had bought ten of the Mars 300's and one 600.
    Then I made/added on the Cree/Cob lights . I was getting allot better results and then I bought 8 of the HLG 2v 288 rspec boards with all 3 lights side by side hands down no comparison all the plants grow toward the HLG boards.
    Now the Mars Lights sit in the closet collecting dust .
    The Cree Cob lights have a better red color spectrum's.
    I also added in UV-B lighting at the end of flowering .
    At this point I am very happy with HLG boards.
  15. I think I'm going to go for the photos.. It just sounds like less work and less chance of failure. I have only run photos outdoor before which turned out very well and actually do prefer them. Do you suggest topping or just LST (or both)? I like topping myself which I only do with photos because I'm too scared of doing it to autoflowers. I think 7 to 10 gallon pots sound good as you mentioned and I have a couple of 8 gallon airpots here at home already so wouldn't need to get any new ones! You said 10? Will 4 week veg really be enough for the 8 gallon? I would like to fill the entire tent with an even canopy:biggrin: I'm going to stick with the lights then and dim them 75% just because I'm getting a good deal on the kit. That should put me at 2160w
    Thanks for the help I really appreciate it :)
  16. oh .. I was looking at the 5x5 flowering footprint so thought it would be enough with 2 ?
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  17. You do understand the title of this thread says 8x8 !

    5x5 =25x30=750 (Watts Per Square foot ) WPSF @ 40 WPSF its a 1000 WPSF which would be optimum for 5x5 tent.
    I guess I got your tent size mixed up? stoned i am.
    Yes 2x 500 actual watt leds is perfect .

    But if the cost of your 2 LED frow lights are over a grand ita not a good deal .....
  18. I'd grow 4 photo-period plants in that space. One under each light and in a 30 gallon pot, mainlined so no net will get in the way. You shouldn't have issues with access for IPM or watering this way and it should yield, with decent genetics 4 pounds+ dried.
    If you were skilled with auto flowers like some folks are. You would pull more weight per cycle. But, 10 gallon pots is what you'd run for yields over 4 ounces per plant.
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    Lst all I do indoors is light cropping of top growth bending it over daily to allow lower growth to catch up. Some do the ties I found it to be more work when the pinching, twisting and bending is faster and works just as well. I'll utilize the trellis net to further even canopy for about 2 weeks before flower. Then either gently raise the one net to support buds or add a second.

    No a month veg wont be enough to fill a 8 gallon. I was giving perspective to a autoflower timing in comparison to what a photo needs in order to produce more yield with around the same veg.
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