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  1. Heyy

    I'm looking to upgrade my lighting, I'm currently using a 600w grolux hps in one end of my 8x4 and 2x 240w Meiju QB's in the other.
    I'll be setting up a dedicated 4x4 veg tent(current one is just polythene) and will be putting one if not both of my LEDs in there.

    I should have roughly £1000 (US$1245) but let's pretend money's no object.

    I'd like to source my pcb's from a reputable seller like vividled.uk or invisible sun but might just go with the alibaba boards.

    I'd do a DIY build if it'll save a good amount of money, after all effort = reward and I've got plenty time on my hands.

    I'd like to aim for 35/40W/ft², so roughly 1100W-1300W total.
    I want good edge to edge coverage also...so maybe the strips?

    With that in mind, what would be the best setup for an 8x4?

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  2. what about solstix? I thnk they are UK based. Costs more, but at least you get the real deal.
  3. I wasn't aware of this company, just had a swatch and that's exactly what im looking for, good coverage and a good spectrum.
    Seem to be sold out at the moment, hopefully sort that for next month.

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  4. yes, but make sure to check this video out, ik, its HLG and overseas...
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  5. After reviewing all options and prices, I opted for Invisible Sun and got the ISH265. Killing it like never before in my 2 x 4. Few of my mates jumped on as well and everyone delighted.

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  6. I believe @Soil2Coco also uses that light and really likes it.
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  7. I love the light, but I don’t have it. Referred it about a hundred times. Best value IMO for the DIY kits. If money is no object, you can’t go wrong with the Gavita 1750LE or the latest Spyder from Fluence. Your separating fly shit from the pepper between those two they’re so close in specs

    I’m actually running four V1 qb120’ and two qb96 elite v2 engines (500 watts total) over two plants in one 4x4. And I’m running a Vividgro FlowerMax over the other two plants in the other 4x4 (600 watts total)
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  8. I've got the plug and play version. I looked through, gavita, luma, fluence etc but when comparing the spectrums and stats I couldn't justify that big jump in cost.

    Your setup sounds cost efficient for sure :)

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  9. I agree on the cost vs saving of the Gavita and spyders. My HLG lights are from my first build probably almost three years ago. The Vividgro was a freebie as I was helping design their next incarnation but I got real sick last year and that kind of was put on hold for me, and them. 1100 watts in a 4x8. A little more than 1/2 the required blurple or HID lighting
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  10. Thanks everyone for the input

    I really really like the look of the gavitas and spyders, the edge to edge even light distribution is sexy. The price tags are however not sexy at all.
    That vividgro looks good too. Got my heart set on strips/ bars of some sort.
    I wonder if ish will start doing their own version of the grow bars/strips.

    See the 240w QB's, they claim to cover 2x4ft but I'd be inclined to put 5 of them in an 8x4, anyone else agree? Just don't think you get enough coverage, I've got the 2 in a 4x4 and I just feel like they need more.
    I'm now thinking about 3x 3000k ish265's , I'd need two on the same driver but different heatsinks as my relay/timer only has 4 sockets. Would put me up to 1200W overall/37.5W/ft²

    I'm going to go ahead and get one of the ish 265's for the 4x4 veg tent I'm setting up, that should be enough, right?
    I say 4x4 but it won't be wall to wall

    Cheers guys

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  11. Also do any of you guys rate the red/blue/uv/ir diodes? I found the reds just make your plants horribly stretchy. Wouldn't mind rstrips for Emerson though.
    I was reading about the blue and it said that it's not like uv as its usable light and doesn't damage the plant the way uvb does. If that's the case, increased blue would be good I think, more so for veg. Still learning about all this stuff so correct me if I'm wrong

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  12. Invisible Sun has the R strips, but I’m with you on reds. I would only want them as a separate channel and use after week 2-3 of flower, or if I wanted to add some height to a tiny Indica.

    Invisible Sun R Strip Range

    I also agree that the original 550’s weren’t enough juice for a 4x4. I’m running 600 on one side with the Vividgro FlowerMax and tuned down custom HLG builds on the other side at 500 watts. So 1100 watts. In a 4x8 that’s maybe 2/3 full
  13. more commercial units imo, like some kind of research or government or big money industry.
    I hear you.
    I have used 2 boards in a 2x3
    I like the meiju 800s in 2x4, but hot in the center with little on the outskirts, so, I added some strips to the sides and turned the central board down. That 800 is kinda equivalent to 3x288 boards (V1).
    QB96s are very good lights, but they can run warmer. Very nice results from them. Now I run a bunch of different lights.
    Supplementary lighting is where I am at now. I just added some this week as a matter of fact.
    Those strips are last gen HinFlux L09, but they have new Samsung modules out, and the newer Diablo board from HLG (signed by Samsung). I personally would like a set of those.
    But I like blue lights, and even after all my fumbling around with lights, I would still like to experiment with high powered blue lights. The HLG V2 for vegetative growth have some blue diodes. And you might like this thread; I tacked on a bunch of studies, I should update once in a while. There is a dissertation in there somewhere where the researcher used blue light and found an increase in THC.

    I use much more LED power per sqft than recommended, but I also use them at lower power... well, sometimes I burn the crops :D
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  14. Hey trojan,
    I do believe you're an advocate of the Meiju boards? I unintentionally bought kingbrite boards instead of the Meiju ones and I'm impressed but the quality wasn't amazing. The Meiju board look a lot better quality, I'm even seeing them start to put their name on some of them. They seem to take themselves seriously as a company and I'd say it's borderline racist when people slate them, just because they're Chinese doesn't mean they're bad.

    Ideally I'd like to have ish boards as they have a guarantee and it's sort of local etc, but at the end of the day if a lovely Chinese lady will offer me an almost identical product for a fraction of the price, what's there to think about?

    I have contemplated using Meiju for everything bar the boards and doing a DIY build but the cost of pcb's from ish are still high in comparison, once postage from China is taken in to account Id be as well buying from ish.

    I'm either going to get 3x ish265 XL(BR spec?) , and 1x ish300L if they come back in stock(150 boards no heatsinks) and if not I'll just get another 265
    I'll get the equivalent from Meiju and maybe some extra power with the money saved...

    Really depends what my next crop pulls, if its enough then I'll be ish all the way baby

    Not totally sold on the blue and red diodes, wan to do a ton more research before I invest in them, if they do just blue and no red I'd give that a shot

    Sorry for rambling

    PS. I came to check for a reply, seems I didn't press send ‍♂️

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  15. The V2 red boards they have are what I want. The new V2 reds test quite a lot better.

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  16. What's the difference? Less stretch hopefully

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  17. I think if you use too much blue, there is some bleaching, so they added some red to help with NADPH reduction. Does it stretch? idk, sometimes i think it stretched my plants some, but some studies indicate that color affects the final cannabinoid concentration, and that bothers me a lil.
    Are the boards that are manufactured from Meijiu the same as Samsung>? They claim they are, but idk. I will always place HLG on a higher platform, but I don't think KingBrite nor Meijiu are fkn around, although don't expect world class warranties. I burned a QB96 when I first got it and contacted HLG; the replacement was sent immediately. And QB96s are pretty darn good lights that I won't bitch about *(other than heat). I think my number one choice is Samsung, which label that on their products. This bothers me, because the old modules have Samsung labeled on them, they number their diodes, serial numbers, lot numbers, etc., but the Meijiu products, although they are a bargain, show no such markings. Also, when you get a good sale on HLG, their prices are pretty well the same thing. But I don't mind Meijiu or KB lighting and I know many people use them and have great results (including me!). If money is a concern, go for AliB lights.
    And beyond all that, I discover very cool stuff on AliB's site... stuff not typically seen in the rest of the world, like my cool $5 buckbooster or my $10 digital no-fail timers. I will probably continue to use their markets, but sometimes communication is troubling.
    Anyhow, Meijiu and KB know their stuff. Go for it ;)
  18. Money may or may not be an issue, if it is Meiju all the way, if not a 5 year warranty sounds good

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  19. What's the verdict on the 150 boards?, I've heard good things and they run cool which is a major plus for me.
    I'm now looking at the ish diy kits that use them, good coverage because you need more of them.
    I was thinking about getting 2 of the 480 kits and leave one of my Meiju boards in the middle. Would put me at 1200watts.
    The other Meiju board would be relegated to veg.

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  20. They defo run cool so no heatsink they look biz for scrogging too.

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