8'x15' framed and insulated flower

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by ptown cin x, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. just built a room in my garage, few photos:


    temperature wavers 1-2 degrees F between lights on and lights off now..
    all 12" fans and ducting, 8" on hoods.. those are the XXXL hoods. "the ocho"
  2. updated from tonight

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  3. Very nice man, solid build and great temps. i am so jelly right now.
  4. what strain?
  5. running an 8wk flower cinderella cross (cin-x)

    great strain, here is a pic of the finished bud

  6. That is some great looking smoke, just picked up a zip of some local stuff, no strain names around here :(

    Waiting for a Camera in the mail.
  7. how would that look on an electricity bill?
  8. not as bad as one might expect...
  9. How much did it cost to construct a room like this? I'll be doing the same thing soon and am just wondering what it's gonna run me.
  10. i spent 4k on all the gear, fans, hoods, ballasts, lamps, ducting, nutrients and then another 3k on construction materials.. and that was with some lumber and insulation provided.. definitely not a cheap startup.. but ill have all that back in 2 months after harvest..
  11. i should mention that includes what i spent on my veg. room, 2k MH lamps with vertizontal hoods, ballasts, fans, ducting, etc.
  12. Can i ask how you framed the top? i am looking at building a room inside a room and would like to use 2x2's for framing around it as i don't want to lose any space or as little as possible.

    Still Jelly of your setup.
  13. ptown, would you be ight with making a materials list with costs for this setup? It's just so fucking sick.
  14. I am wondering on how you are cooling this room? Is it an enclosed grow room, or do you have intake / outtake fans going on?

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