8th week of flowering, wilting and dying

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  1. its my 7th week of flowering. my biggest white widow is dying. I need help. The leaves have turned a light green and are curling under. some of the tips are turning dark brown. some of the leaves are drying out and crumbling (some with yellow/white spots and some with dark green/brown sides). Some hairs are turning brown instead of orange. there is a fresh cut grass smell. the humidity is 50%, the pH 5.7, the room temp 77, water temp 70. Any ideas?

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  2. I think I am going to cry. Is it only the White Widow? Could it be ready for harvest? I thought some stains mature sooner then others. The buds look great! I'm no expert learning just like you. Wher's Mr. goodstuff when you need him? I hope all ends up well, I'm pulling for You. I sure it will smoke great .
  3. they appear to be fert burnt and I think the PH has been thrown off, sad to say its a sorry time for this to happen

    1. hydro, soilless or Soil & brand name of soil ?
    2. PH of reservoir solution?
    3. PH soil runoff?
    4. PH of water?
    5. Age of plants?
    6. What Fertilizer, dosages, and frequency?
    7. lites, wattage & proximity to plants
    8. Light cycle. 24/0,, 18/6,, 12/12?
    9. In light cycle how long?
    10. Room temps & Humidity or reservoir temps
  4. thats kinda strong for finishing out a plant, how far was the plant from completion

    have you looked at the trichs

    you may need to flush this plant and call it done, as I said its terribly late to over fert , they generally wont recover this far in
  5. Thanks for the advice Ganja Guerrilla, you are right. i think it is a combination of over fert and heat stress. i think she was too close to the light. i remember now that i moved the plant out of the heat about 6 days ago and she has just gotten worse since then.... about 6 days ago i notices a few slightly brown tips, but yesturday she was all wilted when i woke up... i forgot(i know it sounds stupid!)
    Do you think if i flush the nutes out and go streight to water... there any way to reverse the heat dammage? and if i harvest now or in the next two days the pot will be smokeable? do you think there is any way to salavage any of it? this is my first grow as i said... when should i have lowered the nutes? and i also made a mistake it is only the 7th week of flowering... Sorry i was panicing when i first posted.
  6. sergio, i want to cry too... i am not sure if it is my only white widow... i have one super skunk, one light of jah, and one white widow for sure. there are two that got mixed up and could be any of the three... so i could have some more... and i think one is white widow and one light of jah but i just dont know yet.... thanks for the support.... :wave: oh and i wish mr. goodstuff was around too. he is great and has helped me so much!!!
  7. Bulldog your still my idol. You motivated me to start my first grow. I'm using a photron ( alot bigger than the older ones) I think it will probably end up as a veg machine and cloner. It will work great for that. I have seeds coming and I have been purchasing supplies using your journal as my grow guide and parts list. You go girl!:smoke:

    P.s I'm sure that widow will still smoke just fine.
  8. you wont reverse the damage, flush and chop in a few days
  9. I'm sorry I missed this! I normally post from my work computer so I'm usually only around during the week. I was inside a palm tree type bush thing trimming it back around the time this happened. GG got my back though, he knows what he's talkin about!

    That would definitely be over fert, and it cannot be reversed but the pot will be fine. If you ever saw my first grow you will see a Blueberry plant totally burned to a crisp, it didn't have a leaf on it when I chopped it. The bud was the best I'd smoked in a long time- please don't worry about it, it will be great! The only thing you have to worry about with over fert is flushing- you have to flush the root zone for a couple days before harvest (and in hydro with the right nutes you don't have to flush, only reduce the strength and even that is unnecesarry)

    But you did fine! Actually you did a great job, better than I did my first time. That plant will yeild the best pot your friends have smoked for awhile if you don't already know a grower. Even burned or starved marijuana sees us through to the high we came for, it's a very forgiving plant. It loves you! LOL Trust me you have nothing to be worried about, that plant will be the funk as long as you flush it for a few days really good.

    I wish I could sample some of it with you.
  10. A palm tree bush???? i dont want to know... hahaha
    sorry i did not post yet, but i was a bit intoxicated last night after work. so here it is... she is no longer with us....:cry:
    i chopped her down yesturday


    check out more pictures in my journal...
  11. Ganja Guerrilla, thanks for all your help man. sorry it took so long to get back. but thanks again
  12. Hey I'm new to this and I was wondering, could I start flowering my plant even though it has heat stress? :confused:
  13. DOH,
    you might want to check with some other people too, but i think you should take care of the heat stress before you flower... maybe raise your light and add some air circulation. you dont want to put the plant under too much stress at once... depending on how bad the heat stress is, it maybe too much for the plant to put energy into flowering.... but like i said i am new to this as well. you may want to start a post, there are some great people here with plenty of knowledge
    hope i helped and thanks for checing out my post, if you have time check my grow, i just harvested some and i am really excited about it.

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