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8th of Trainwreck

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by provin1327, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. #1 provin1327, Sep 12, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 12, 2009
    Just got my medical card and figured i'd pick up some meds while I was there

    All I had was a little web cam



    The buds are covered in crystals and it's such a smooth smoke. Used my bubbler and couldn't feel a thing.
  2. Love me some TW man

  3. so jealous, i wish ohio would get medical
  4. F*ing sick bro, tw is a good strain. I would match u some of my danky purple bubba but ur way n CO. lol. Blaze on. :smoke:
  5. Anyone know what % sativa/indica trainwreck is? It looks mainly sativa, the buds are very light in color, but when I smoked earlier it was real realxing, not very sativa at all, but not extreme couch lock, just relaxing enjoyment of laying there (sorta locked lol)

    I really wish I could get some macros too. I'll pick up a camera sometime soon.
  6. #6 _ganja_, Sep 13, 2009
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    I think it's supposed to be mostly sativa... But maybe the grower was using Greenhouse seeds co.'s trainwreck (supposedly indica dom.), which isn't usually quite the same as the original (clone-only) trainwreck.

    But this is all pure speculation. It might have just been harvested late (giving a less sativa high).
  7. Hmm, well all I know is after a few hits I was sooooo relaxed and happy.
  8. Props man for having a medical cannabis card :hello:
    Marijuanna should be decriminalized and APAP should be criminalized that stuff kills more people then anything...:smoke:
  9. congrats on getting your card man. is that from trichome health center? that looks amazing, i havent had tw in a long time but it is definitely one of my favorite smokes.

    whats APAP?
  10. Great stuff man, grats on your card!!
  11. ay man swang sum of dat shit my way lol im so weed hungry
  12. nice, i see your in colorado, i got a card in colorado too. i get my stuff rom green connections on 32nd & Vallejo. they go some pretty bomb C grade stuff along with some Hash
  13. ^^ I'm in the springs and since I just got my card I don't really know where any dispensaries are.

    Kindbuds No, it's The Highlands Co-op

    Yea I wasn't really going for macros, more like I got my card and this is what I picked up
  14. Nice pick up, how does it feel to be legal?
  15. It feels great. But i'm at a university and they don't allow smoking in the dorm rooms, and the law says you can't smoke bud outside. Pretty sure you can't have any marijuana, legal or not, on campus. So I either gotta buy a vape, go off campus (what I usually do) or stick with brownies.

  16. Stick With Brownies. Save Your Lungs Dude.:smoke:
  17. ^vaporizers are very safe for your lungs
  18. TW is one of my all time favs. Hands Down!:hello:
  19. Maby I didn't smoke enough, but compared to the ak-47 I had, the ak is still my fav.

    Don't brownies give you a really really long body high? I kinda enjoy the shortness of smoking. Like if for some reason I eat a brownie and it's way too strong, and I freak, i'll be freaking for like 5 hours lol. But with smoking it's really only an hour of intense high, and an hour or 2 of "chill"

    But now that I got my card I gotta try em :D

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