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8th of Grand Daddy Purp ! (GDP)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by NYC Smoker, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Usually in NYC an 8th is $60 but my boy hooked it up for $40 :)

  2. looks like your boy gave you a shit ton of shake, look dank none the less
  3. nah i broke a nug up
  4. wish i still had some of this :(
  5. that still looks sexy as fuck even though it's in the bag
  6. best weed ive smoked :(
  7. Looks delicious:yummy:
  8. I try to smoke the best :)
  9. cant beat the price for nyc heard ppl b paying like 25 a g for top notch sour d. bad prices but a awesome place to b high!
  10. yeah man $20 a G really sucks.
  11. Looks nothing like GDP....but nice looking smoke regardless
  12. How can you be so sure????
    Can't really classify strains with a picture.
  13. 99% gangster
  14. How can you be so sure????
    Can't really classify strains by what the dude taking your money says :)

  15. Your right. But surely I can trust the heavy indica effects & GDP vibe. He has no reason to lie.
  16. i have too much gdp....i cant eat steak everyday
  17. Wish I has this problem lol.
  18. lol me too. i just rode out the blizzard dry :(

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