8th of dro i just picked up.

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by joKR, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. Just picked this up 10 min ago. 3.5 to the button.

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  2. hate to break it to ya, that aint no dro :X but it looks like it'll get ya high, so blaze on
  3. Yeah, i like to use the word dro, instead of 60's or whatnot but its alot greener than that, it was taken under bad light
  4. hell its all good if it gets you high.........smoke that up...........have some fun........
  5. yeah man, its tasty. fluffy and sticky

  6. your can't determine how it was grown by that pic..so quit trying to be an asshole ( like most days), lighten up, and smoke some weed

    you have much to learn

  7. i was going to say the same thing.

    Most people have a false concept of what dro is. It's not necessarally amazing bud, it could be ANY strain...
  8. i know exactley guys.

  9. duffey can you tell from that pic if the bud was grown with its roots under water? cause i don't think anyone else on grass city can...stick to posting your shit brown
  10. " stick to posting your shit brown".....hahhah, he is right, you're in no position to "break it" to ppl wether there bud is dro or not, considering you're smokin on brown
  11. That looks nice, have a great time smokin that all up
  12. looks like some good bud to me...and if it grew under waaaater then it's that much better
  13. lol, i was thinking that the pic was a little dark all over, and not just on the bud

    and you proved my theory correct

    looks nice to me, smoke it up :)
  14. looks pretty good to me, id definately buy it.

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