8oowatt SOG need help with some things..look

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  1. i was reading a thread the otherday on here that a guy said its possible to get roughly 2lbs in a 4x4 area using sixteen 6"x6" square pots using a 2x 400watt hps lights. Personally my plan is to use a 6x4 area so they have 1.5 square feet of space instead of 1. i also have the 2x400 watt hps' all i need really is the seeds and to get a CO2 tank. i have it narrowed down to four different strands.

    1. http://www.drchronic.com/products.asp?category=Dutch+passion+FEM
    2. http://www.drchronic.com/products.asp?partno=p_choc
    3. http://www.drchronic.com/products.asp?partno=kiwi-2pound
    4. http://www.drchronic.com/products.asp?partno=FDF G force fems x 5
    im leaning towards the brainstorm and 2 pounder b/c of the name and all but if any of you out there have experince with any of these strains of reccomend any other strains good for SOG please dont hesitate to chip in to this thread!


    ps im uploading a pic of what the room is gunna look like once i choose the seeds.
  2. heres something how the setup will go, i actually just baught a 50 cfm intake bathroom fan and a 200 cfm exhaust wall to wall fan from home depot

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