8lbs and 2 oz

Discussion in 'General' started by Doobie_Ashtray, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. I pretty sure every one that clicked this thread thought i was goin to talk about how much weed i just picked up and hoping for some pics. Well i'm sorry to announce that i'm not going to post anything of that nature what i am posting is bigger then any blunt every rolled, sweeter then any dank every grown and more fragile then any expense German made RooR. I am talkin about my son lil Doobie_Ashtray Jr. born today in New York City. I've never been this high and i've smoke Kush to Diesel and this is 100x better i never thought it would feel this good i just want to tell everyone. The only bad part is I'm not with him now in his first hours but its all good i'll be with him soon enough. So all tokers out there join me with lighting a blunt bowl a j or whatever you choose.If you were here i would pass them out to you guys like cigars.

    P.S. I cant wait for him and his mommy to bring me back some NYC Sour Diesel
  2. congrats dude thats awesome, i hope doobie ashtray jr. is his real name that would be awesome too

    i wish you the best in Fatherhood
  3. Congrats man.
  4. Thanks I wish it was too but my girl would never go for that
  5. hopefully she doesnt bring back any shake. get it ?
  6. yea congrats dude i cant wait for that day, but instean of tokin up im gonna drink to u snce im on a t break
  7. good shit on the kid. i hope the next 18 years are the most memorable of your life
  8. Thats tight dude.. you gotta light up with him! Once he's old enough to hold the joint at least :p
  9. Yeah he'll probably be a smoker my girl already think so. And they say it lowers your sperm count :D
  10. Congrats man, I just blazed a fat one for ya.
  11. congratulations!
  12. congrats dude! :)

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