8k watts adventures. ALL ADVICE NEEDED.

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  1. Hello grasscity Thank you for stopping by and hope .u can follow me in this wild journey I'm getting myself into.. I'm currently preparing myself for what's to be my biggest grow that I've ever had. So far I'm on my second indoor crop and I'm using
    3k watt lights only 4 plants under each light.
    (Plants looking a little small budded bushes idk what is keeping them so small but I'm trying to look into em.)


    So here is the new setup.
    8 xxxl sun system hoods
    8 1k watt optilume bulbs
    2 8 inch inline
    2 or 3 8 inch line (these are cheap and look like ducting)
    4 ballast connect to a 4 ballast 8 light flip box
    2 reservoirs With 3 air stones in Each.
    Blue lab ppm meter/ph meter.

    I plan on using bush doctors coco medium.


    I have been thinking about using the house and garden line but don't know anything about it and they say very easy to burn your plants . So next was using gh flora nova or flora series. But i Wana have a line with a feeding schedule and everything perfect so please lemme have some of your opinion.


    So hope you all will stay tuned and watch me build one crazy grow room and harvest some monsters .
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    Watching to see what happens!

    I love a big healthy set up!

    Ps. Skip the cheap "duct" fans. Those are proxy duct boosters and are rubish...
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    Nothing like 8 sexy hoods waiting to be used. Are those sunlight magnums?

    And about the nutes. If you go with GH, I would suggest the flora duo series. Much cleaner, hydro geared nute from general hydro. But I did run house and garden on a flood table with 5 gal aroura fabric pots, with botanicare coco with awesome results!
    We ran the feeding schedule to a T. Every additive and every suggested dosage. Also added great white shark microbal. And the end product was that of organic soil! It was very expensive for the entire line, but I was truly amazed. Considering my first try with it was nearly flawless, I was impressed. (There's usually some sort of learning curve ya know?)
    GH for cheap and easy route. Or house and garden for complex, but potentially amazing results...
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  5. My only thought is I see pictures of  last / current grow in soil. and new grow hydro. Just if you have not had past dealings in hydro Might  want to do hydro test and soil  controls. Lot to risk to do the whole room hydro if it's your first go at it :0)
    Exciting to see a big grow on the horizon. Best of luck. 
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  6. definitely following this adventure!
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  7. Expensive but awsome. It doesn't happen often in this Industry, but sometimes you pay for what you get.
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  8. So I think I will more than likely go with something from GH.
    I grow in soil less medium. I use royal gold tupar and it's worked out fine for quality I just can't seem to find the yield. I have been told great things about coco and I think I can manage it. I honestly need help with the electrical setup. How to connect my 4 ballast flip box to the 240v wire. I have a 240 running to a adapter for the dryer , would I simply just remove that and put the wire directly to the flip box ? Still waiting to see the flip box hasn't arrived yet .
  9. You should be able to run your ballast in the current set up. Most flip boxes just use a standard 120v trigger cable, and your ballast plug into that using the ballast cable. And the reflectors are connected to the flip box...

    What brand did you buy? Is it the power box? And I noticed you were running magnetic correct?
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  10. My advice to you is get off line get that shovel in ur hand and start tillin up dirt! Fuckin puuuumped for this!

    You got work to doooo!

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  11. Ya it's a power box flip box. Bout 560 bucks for that little guy. But worth it I'm sure. And yes indeed I do have a lot of work but I'm currently waiting for clones big enough to flower. Haven't even cut clones yet. .
  12. Pullin up my chair friend.
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  13. Awsome. We carry those at my shop and you should have no problems running your 240v set up.
    So will you have 4k in one room and 4k in another?
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  14. Exactly !!! That's the plant 2 rooms of 4 . Plus vegg room which will be 2 t5s 4 ft 8 bulb. But only using one for know still need clones.
  15. Yo what's everyone, so yesterday I picked up some air stones and a few more bags of coco. I still am waitng for my power box to come in along with my extra air pump hose and I went ahead and ordered the flora dual a and b and also bought a few more things I'll upload pics tonight but until then I need to sit back and take some dabs !! Lol 20141117_232456.jpg 20141117_170505.jpg
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  16. What's up everyone finally got a chance to snap some quick pics of what's goin on. Hope u enjoy ! 20141122_114110.jpg 20141122_114106.jpg 20141122_114056.jpg 20141122_114048.jpg 20141122_114148.jpg 20141122_114116.jpg 20141122_114142.jpg 20141122_114204.jpg
  17. IMG_20141127_101807.jpg

    Getting closer lol
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  18. Lookin good bro
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  19. Let's get some plants going
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  20. Belive me I got plants vegging nothin huge tho. It'll be some time before those are fired up unfortunately. But my vegg room will be finished soon.
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