8ft yield?

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  1. Hey guys it's my first time growing and I have 7 plants and 3 are about 8ft. I'm just wondering how much bud there will be. Every leave has buds starting on it

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  3. I have 3 plants. 5, 7, and 9 feet tall, and wonder the same thing. I think there are several factors to consider. Water, nutrients, soil type, strain, weather, keeping bugs off the plants, etc. Your plants look to be very similar to mine (about 4 to 5 weeks into budding) and I don't think there is any way to give a definitive answer. My best guess would be maybe a 1/2 pound for my small plant, 1.5 pounds for the 7 footer, and possibly 2 pounds for the 9 footer. Again, these are just guesses. One thing I can say is if everything goes well, you're looking at a bunch of bud!
  4. I've seen some growers pull 9-13 lbs off monster bush like that .
    Gonna get really really hungry and thirsty though

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  5. Good to know!
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  6. It's always exciting to see the potential of these plants. Simply amazing, but...Trees are just too much trouble.

    Unless you're supplying a dispensary you'll have lots of old bud around. After the grueling trim sessions I've had my fill. Not me more worry about my giant beanstalks, I'll get enough from a few containers of choice variety and not be stuck with kilos of the same ol' same ol'.
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  7. Agreed but where I live we have nug swaps every 2 weeks. Anyone and everyone is welcome and we trade everything from flowers to pieces. Excellent way to get some variety from what you have grown.
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  8. Mines keep very well stored in quart jars.
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  9. Agreed, I've still got a few dozen jars from last year. While I'm anticipating the fresh.
  10. Are you folks looking for sympathy or something for this terrible “problem” that you have? Jeez those are nice. I’m just joking of course as I wouldn’t be able to sleep if mine were that big, until harvest. The U-Haul post was golden. Congratulations on a grow well done. :weed:
  11. I don't get the uhaul joke.. :(
  12. Yield
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  13. That’s what you will need to carry that much plant.
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  14. LOL well I don't grow to sell. Never have and never will. I keep several nice buds for myself, then neighbors, friends, and family benefit as well. Personally, it's a rush to hear someone say, "You grew that shit??!!" I'm sure I won't have any problem getting rid of my bud. If I have some left over when next year's grow comes around, then I look at it as a nice problem to have.
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