88 degree grow temp

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  1. It gets up to 88. O know that it is supposed to be lower. Can I still be successful? How much do you guys think I'm inhibiting growth? It's lower for the first part of the day obviously and they are in 3rd week of blooming.
  2. Invert night and day cycle if you can lightproof. It works amazingly for my current grow ;)
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    Yes its high. You want to try to stay under.... 80. I don't think 88 inhibits growth that much....but you will get fluffy buds. Do what alex said and run your lights at night...or increase ventilation/use an a.c.
  4. add co2, it allows plants to withstand higher temps without stressin (to a point) and it will increase yield.

  5. An a/c or increasing ventilation is a cheaper fix than a proper, effective CO2 set up....:rolleyes:

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