87 degree res water. Too high??

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by GeraldsFinest, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. Hi guys like the post says is res water that is 87f too high? It’s been sitting in a brute container with a lid with w big air stones in it. I usually use this as my fresh water holding tank to mix up nutrients with. Lately it’s been pretty hot like 98 and humid outside and I don’t have a chiller. I would just add tap water to cool it down but I’ve read to let it sit out to let the chlorine evaporate. If I do that it’s the same thing I let it sit and the temp rises
  2. It’s more like 85 not 87
  3. Yeah that is high .
    I know guys that freeze different size water bottles and throw one in the reservoir to get by if you don't want to buy a chiller
  4. If your Rez temps are that degree then so is probably the rest of the tent. Do you have an inline fan and ducting set up? If so make sure the air you are extracting out of the tent is going into another room or outside.
  5. I have ac in the tent and it’s 79-80. No exhaust or intake. I’ll try the water bottle method that sounds like it’ll work for the time being great idea JoshuaE

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