85W 2wk Vegg, yield estimate ?

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  1. how much would a female yield in a growbox with 85W of CFL 5000k for a veg period of 2 weeks and flower period of 8 weeks under 132W 2700K...while applying LST?
    guesstimate anyone ?

  2. no way to know, these posts are starting to annoy me,

    there are so many factors that play roll on yeilds, nute, lighting, soil, watering, ect.
  3. agreed someone make a sticky
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    Nothing more then 14 grams per plant at best! Because if your telling that your using CFL im guaranteed the plant wont be grown more then 12'' to 18'' tall! At my best I get an average of 70 grams per plants with a 600w and the plant finished around 36'' tall! So if the height is 4 times less then at best your getting 4 times less and not to forget that your using CFL lights. Im actually trying my first CFL grow experiment just to see what it gives! Check it out :smoke:


    P.s. Ill try to make a chart that is sticky worthy!
  5. Tell me if you think that this is a good char or not!?

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  6. No doubt...

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