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  2. I'm starting to think I can make better ph meter than some of these other companies like rapiest etc. I just bought a blue labs truncheon and it's well worth the money.
  3. the blue lab ph truncheon is the best but it comes at a very high price. i have an oakton ph meter and it works very well. these can be found online for around 80 dollars. the truncheon is about 175. i agree you get what you pay for but the one i have works well so i figure why spend more?
  4. i agree. that thing is a 6 dollar piece of crap.
  5. lol. it definitely is. but do you think that if a 6 dollar ph meter worked people would be spending 80-200 dollars on ph meters? of course not. they are a joke. save up and get the real deal man. peace :smoke:

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