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$85 for 1/2 ounce... DANKK weed from toronto

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by r.H.y, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. this is the stuff we picked up...
    85 for half o.... tell me wat u think...

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  2. nice man looks tasty haha. how does that price compare with other good bud from toronto?
  3. fuck man... we need good bud around here... all i can get is mids and expensive kb...

    wish i had some dank, i'm jealous lol
  4. so true.. haha
  5. damm i wish i could get that price
  6. dude i pay more than that for shitty mids:mad:

    I'm moving to Canada and becoming a fucking citizen fuckin' soon enough.

    All jealousy aside, good lookin' buds for a super fuckin' cheap price.

    ...fucker. :D
  8. man, fuck indiana. 60's straight up for that shit. sometimes even more. I feel like folks in indiana are blind to the fact that most everywhere else, prices are killing ours.
  9. haha so i'm reading the thread title. i get through half of it, and am like 'no way he paid $85 for half of dank', then i see the toronto part :p

    canada is awesome...great fire for CHEAP!
  10. Just be glad you don't live in Oklahoma.


    All there is, dude.
  11. growyourown?
  12. I live a block. Literally, ONE BLOCK, from the Police Station.

    One day, though. I know how to grow, so once I move again, I'll feel safer.
  13. u got a good deal for that compared to prices around here
  14. I also live in Toronto, and i pay 90 for a half of mids, what area do you live in?
  15. Canadians should be banned from this forum.
    It's disrespectful to the herb to sell it so cheap :smoking:.
  16. what area of toronto u from?
  17. Etobicoke, im about a 15 min walk from lake Ontario.
  18. Canada is the best place ever for marijuana... It's cheap, good quality, extremely abondant and the cops don't care if you have a couple joints!

    That's probably gonna change with Harper tho... God damn retarded Redneck...

  19. haha... thanks all
    i live in scarborough, and this price was is average... im pretty sure if i buy a few more times from my dealer hell eventually sell me 60-75 for a half o...

    ENVY ME!!!!!
  20. Nice buds man, I'd buy them. ;)

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