83 days should i harvest?!?!?! PICTURES

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  1. It's been 83 days since i started 12/12, this is my first grow and ive been looking up pics of "ready to harvest marijuana" and it just seems like my plant just hasnt filled out quit yet, more so at the top of the plant than the bottom, seems like the cola needs a lot more work, yet its day 83 of flowering, im posting pics so please take a look and let me know what you more experienced growers think. Ask me anything i can tell you, grow set up lights grow meduim ph humidity temp whatev i got it for you. Also i am aware that when the trichomes turn a cloudy color is the right time to harvest, what type of magnifying glass do i need to see them and where can i buy one at for cheep, thank you so much guys!!


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  2. looks like a hermie to me...
  3. Why?

    That Radio Shack pocket scope is the best bang for the buck. It's a little clunky to use, but once you get the hang of it you'll find it does the job.

  4. just strange looking bud sites?? maybe i'm just a little to high!

    oh well good luck!
  5. i think i made a mistake counting, this is day 63, my bad. I was panicking there for a sec, cause i calculated that it was about 12 weeks flowering, but it's 8 almost 9. i flushed it before i found that out, but after thinking about it, that seems about perfect timing to me, what about you guys? thanks for the link to that microscope bro i really appricate it. so, now that we got the date figured out, any comments/suggestions?
  6. It looks like a hermie to me too.

    Is there any evidence of seeds???
  7. Sigh...

    Seeds would be a sign that a female has been pollinated.

    And to the OP, you should count days of flowering from when flowering actually begins, not from the beginning of 12/12 lighting. So you might be even less than 63 days.
  8. maybe not so high?

    can you get some closer shots?
  9. i dont see anything that makes it look like a hermie in those pics, and i looked hard.
  10. Its not a hermie. Buds just look strange cuz he obviously has some kind of deficiency or over fed them. And the buds grew defective. And if calyxes are not swelling up then they wont continue to grow. Just look at the trichs and if its ready cut it down. Don't wait for the buds to grow cuz that might not happen.
  11. It does not look hermie to me. As for harvesting, no, not near ready. I would give this plant at least another 3-4 weeks. It looks to me like it could use a shot of good bloom & boost nutes, that should do good for a week or so, then give it a shot of molasses and nothing but pure water for that last 2-3 weeks. I think you will see a noticable difference and an increase in your overall yield if you give it at least another 3 weeks, I'd go another 4.

  12. Read up on LST.
  13. just purchased one of those from radio shack myself...works pretty damn good once your figure it out.
  14. It kind of looks like a hermie...

    But its probably not. If I were you I'd rip off a nug and cure it for a week. Try it out and see how its going.

  15. maybe im confused...but if there ARE pistils, and there ARE NOT bananas, then what exactly makes it look like a hermaphrodite?

    i know someone else said it, but looking pollenated DOES NOT MEAN ITS A HERM

    im not even sold on it lookin pollenated, sensimilla calyxs will swell too after enough time

  16. you scared me for a second with the 83rd day. but yes 63 sounds better.

    Id say the radio shack microscope. I just picked one up and i love it.
  17. not to be rude but that is a sad little plant indeed, what did you do to it???
  18. I see it differently. You're right that this plant is no trophy, but the OP said this is his first grow, and I consider any first grow a success if you can bring a female to harvest without killing it. He will get some decent smoke off that, more than the majority of first timers end up doing. This grow can't compare to the experience pros, but I think the OP deserves some encouragement here.
  19. alright the OP is back and the little brother is a little on the high side when counting the days, its day around day 65... and you say that it looks crappy, so i got some good pics of some of the bud sights for you to enjoy and to comment on. If you look closely you might agree with me that there is a problem with heat stress going on, if anyone here has some exp. with ventilation i can put in some pics of the G-room. Something preferably cheap and easy to do, let me know and enjoy the pics. Thanks for the feedback all.


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