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  1. If you were someone into action movies in the 80's and 90's, chances are you were a giant fan of Stallone, Schwarzenegger, or Van Damme.
    I consider these three to be top of 80's and 90's action. This can be a thread to point out favorite movies and moments and also bring up other worthy action actors of that era.

    For the younger crowd: The 90's is what happened before 2000.





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  2. it was a time when action actors actually got hurt doing their own tricks ...lol

    many special effects guys died too or were maimed beyond belief

    and 'no such thing as C.G.I '

    I was never into Van Damme just too french to be taken seriously

    same with Stallone(Sly) with his birth defect hand ...lol

    that only left Arnie and his 'Kraut' accent

    you can't win them all but these 3 tried real hard ...lol
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  3. I've seen it all, some of my favorites are kindergarten cop, judge dredd, and double impact.

    Also a big fan of Jackie chan, Wesley Snipes, Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, Chris Tucker.

    The matrix, die hard, demolition man, Mission impossibles(all of them), Rush hour.
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  4. This scene from kickboxer tho!!!!!!! Hands down my favorite Van damme moment
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  5. i think the 80's was perhaps the single best decade in cinema, for every major genre...
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  6. I've never watched any Arnold movies, but saw a lot of Stallone's and Claude's. "Bloodsport," mentioned above, was fucking good. The asshole in that film was real easy to hate, lol.

    Also a big fan of Charles Bronson and Clint Eastwood -- going all the way back to "Rawhide," before he was a star.
  7. Chong Li. Always a badass.
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    A must-follow classic tutorial in Asian dive bar dancing.

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  9. Yup that's him. Couldn't remember his name. As I recall, he killed at least one guy in the ring.
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  10. Oh yeah, Bolo Yeoung goes back a long way.


    He and Van Damme would hook up later again for Double Impact

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