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801? Big deal.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Feb 23, 2003.

  1. Member #70 something, and just now getting to 800?

    My 800th post consisted of;

    nudge, nudge.

    Highya is starting to rub off on me!
  2. Yeah, but you nudged me!;)

    :::::doing the 800 posts dance in the craziest and coolest way possible:::::::::

    Congrats to you, SlowP'okie! LOL!

    *Higha has rubbed off on us all.
  3. Oh man.

    I just realized that that one is gonna get jumped all over.

    I must be stoned to leave myself open like that
  4. whata doin pokie,postin while im sleepin eh?.well.....
    im letting you catch me :D

    and for the rest of ya, we'll be ok so long as i dont rub ya the wrong way,eh?

    dont you fret critter darlin, im rubbin my head fer i got a little bit of a hangover...

  5. i noticed
  6. congads Smokie.

    You are comming along just fine.. You may be following Highya, but what the hey.... I can think of others that I wouldn't want to be following..

    I don't dance.. I'll just smoke a pipe for you old friend!

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