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  1. Hi all!

    So I've been a member for a couple years now, but mostly just observing, I tried to do a journal a while but nothing came of it. I am making another attempt at another journal, let's see how this one goes.

    I put in a big order 2 years back, ordered something like 100 seeds, with that order I got a bunch of Pick n Mix seeds. I decided, after a few years, to transition away from my Undercurrent setup and get back to "basics", get back to organics. I am using 3 pick n mix seeds to make sure I have a good organic grow before I break out the good seeds. ( not that any marijuana seed isnt a good seed :D )

    • 2 400w lights
    • 1 Maxflo vortex fan
    • 1 4x6x2 tent

    • 2.8 cu ft promix with myco
    • 1.5 cu ft Foxfarm Ocean Forest
    • 6 kg earthworm castings
    • 8 qt coarse chunky perlite
    • 1 cup azomite
    • 2.5 cups happy frog 5-5-5 fert mix

    • Special Queen #1
    • Ice
    • Purple Maroc

  2. All three seeds cracked, using the common paper towel technique.

    Threw the little ones into Rockwool cubes that had been soaking in a water + root starter mix. I personally use GH RapidStarter, mostly because it's the cheapest and most effective.

    I put them on next to a window for a few days. Then put them in a small neutral soil mix pot.

    Then I put them in a humidity dome and put them under a 4 bulb T5. They will stay there for a few weeks or until they look ready for transplant.

    In the picture below, the humidity dome is sitting on a homemade scrog screen, made of pvc and string. Fits inside my 2x2 tent perfectly.

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  3. So its been about 2 weeks since I put my seedlings into neutral soil mix and put them under a T5. The last 2 days under the T5 I decided to add a little nutes, about 250 ppm, thinking they would need a kick in the pants before they get transplanted into a fert soil mix. Big mistake. They did not take kindly to that.

    That transplant itself was successful. They were put in 3 ten gallon bags, figured that would be more than enough root zone for these guys, I don't want them any bigger than 2-3 feet tall.

    Below are pics of the plants after being transplanted a couple days ago. And already some good new growth! Yay for organics!

    The third pic is me taking a picture from my car of the ride home. First day of snow!

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  4. Oh! almost forgot. Here are a couple of shots of my setup.. not much to see, its your basic tent setup. And I threw in my shelves with nutes and grow gear for good measure. Enjoy!

    Note: That tent setup and the location of tent allow me to have day time temps of no more than 80F and night time temps of no less than 68F, my plants are very happy (usually).

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  5. The plants have responded very well to the transition! The leaves are a lovely green and no more signs of burn.

    I trimmed the burned leaves and low hanging crap that wont get light later.

    At this point the plants are getting 18 hours of light 6 hours of dark. And they are being fed a very light rooting water mix.

    Based on the first pic, the seeds from left to right are: Special Queen, Ice and Purple Maroc.

    Something weird I have noticed, the Purple Maroc looks like the red headed step child of the group, the leaves are green but they are wrinkled.. but after a few days the leaves become un-wrinkled... never seen that before.. wonder if its genetics..

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  6. I'm so happy I switched back to organics. I'm hardly doing any work or any worrying. And these babies are so happy.

    This week I changed the light schedule, now they are seeing 16 hours light, 8 hours dark. Also this week, I added 5ml RootStarter and 2ml Calmag to my 4 gallon water solution. I like giving the plants a kick in the pants every once and a while, also I want to test how much these genetics can take...(not that I will likely use them in the future..but still)

    As you can see from the third pic, I topped them. So I'm hoping in the next few days I will see split growth.. we shall see.

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  7. Just some more pics right before watering.

    for some reason the pic looks like the plants are not getting enough light...I wonder if I need to move the lights a little closer?

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  8. Feedback is always welcome. :D
  9. Why are the leaves so large? Is it genetics or am I lacking something in the grow? Light? Nutes? Air?

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  10. Really? No feedback? Great community.... [sarcasm]
  11. Lookin nice, welcome back

    subbed :smoking:

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