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  1. Hey, thought I would throw up a new thread, as it says 3' x 6' room with 3 girls that turned out to be very different phenos under 2 - 400w metal halide. the girls are in rubber maid tubs and are just starting 4th week of flower. they are ding great (will post pics tomorrow) lights are off right now. question is, im using advanced sensi bloom full strength and big bud full strength, used bud blood firt week, the tubs are not dry enough to water untill they are due for their next feeding, will this eventually cause salt buildup and burn them? had their feeding today and nothing showing for the time lights were on, but i read it could take a day or so. thanks for any input on this, i don't want to miss feeding times by a whole week waiting for them to get dry enough to water again know what i mean? thanks again
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    Alright, here are some pics, I know everything is not perfect in this room haha, this is just to show you dont have to have all the best of the best to produce great results. usually i would use clones, horizontal hps with reflectors, a real exhaust fan, a few more plants and non see thru buckets (atually dwc buckets) , i just want to see how much different this is, as alot of the factors are different then what i am used to. I do know the nutrients are what I would normally use, just not the whole line like in my previous grows. and if anyone could answer the question about watering/feeding it would be great. im a hydro grower. not used to this soil bizz, but i dont want to over do it.camera is shit i know lol best i can do for now. thanks and enjoy

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  3. This is looking great dude. subbed for the outcome :)
  4. Subscribed, it looks good though man I hope mine turns out this good!
  5. thanks guys, still wondering about the watering/feeding thing, someone has got to know whats up about that. nice to see people interested in my grow

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