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800mg Oxycodone

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by FTG, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    Guy was cool he let me take off the cover and taste it. Paid $430 total.
  2. Someones gonna be having some good times!
  3. can i have one? please?
  4. damn I get ounces of heroin for the same price:eek: be safe with all that
  5. now that has noddin' all over it. that's a fire deal man. only price I can get on ski is 60 an 80mg or 20 a 30mg. +rep

  6. Hehe I'm gunna stick to pharms for now :p Yea I know it's a bit expensive, he wanted $55 a pill. Oxy never really comes around here so I figured I'd stock up since I can't get fentanyl.
  7. Wow thats a lot of cash for what you got. I guess it would be worth it if you dont have a tolerance. Could you not get a deal for buying so much?
  8. not too bad...$43 a pop...not the highest i've seen them go for but not the cheapest either...overall good deal
  9. I'm hoping 30mg insufflated will get me to a reallllly nice feeling and 40 should make me nod out. I'd consider that a pretty low tolerance.

    Glad everyone thinks it's not a _terrible_ deal, I tried hard for $400 but he refused, prolly cause he knew I'd take em.
  10. if you do 40mg a day that's a $20 habit......nodding off percocets is a low tolerance....40mg is pretty decent IMO
  11. wow is everything cheaper in canada?
    i'd be outraged by 30 bucks for an 80
    usually 25 round here
  12. Yea that's with 150mg of benadryl and constant weed smoking until I start to nod heh.
  13. everyone knows canada has cheap product, you're not informing us of anything new with your prices:rolleyes:
  14. Dont americans literally drive to canada for cheaper pharmaceutical drugs? :p
  15. this is why i refuse to buy oxy unless its some kid stealing them from his mom prices.
  16. thats whats up! Been waiting on them things for a minute! Just a few more days my bro keeps telling me.. Hes never let me down yet! Ill be there sooooooooooooooon!!!!!!!!11
  17. those prices dont make sense? I would just buy 3 30mg for $60 than 1 80mg for $60...
  18. perhaps codone...out my way we just go to tijuana! can't quote you for some reason:rolleyes:

  19. They make sense, it's just that price for whatever is around. I'm sure he doesn't have a constant source for both 30s and 80s or else the price wouldn't be so high.

    There will always be someone in the thread saying it's a rip off. You could post the flamest chronic for $50 an 8th and someone would say WOW I'D NEVER PAY 50 FOR AN 8TH NO MATTER WHAT KIND OF BUD IT WAS. Oh well w/e.
  20. that was good money:) you got a good deal esp since oc is kinda rare to ya area.
    Be careful
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