800mg of ibprofen

Discussion in 'General' started by kevin160, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. now i know its just ibprofen or whatever, but because its such a high dose is could i catch a buzz if i took enough?
  2. NO!...itsnt ibuprofen generic advil? that or tylenol...not a good idea.
  3. jesus man....its common sense. (NO, just in case you didnt catch it)
  4. lol i get the point, btw its a perscription.
  5. I'm pretty sure that can kill you.

  6. Yes it can kill you, ever hear of people taking a bottle of advil to kill them, yeah its the same stuff. I have 800mg ibeprofen, and yes they are only prescribed
  7. Haha it's an anti-inflammitory, unless you got some mondo swelling going on you're not going to be catching anything.
  8. I was taking like 6 ibuprofen a day for a while, a while being less than a week and a half, because of being so sore from track, and after than week in a half the right side of my stomach got this insanely sharp pain that hurt whenever I did anything. My friend was doing the exact same thing as me and got the exact same stomach pain. I heard it could be internal bleeding and it scared the shit outta me but I waited and it went away in a few days.
  9. yes its a peptic stomach ulcer. i bealive thats what things like tylenol and ibproufin do to you. cause serious internal bleeding or something.

    my dads girlfriend get them perscribed because she has a back problem. so we dont buy any OTC shit. we just use hers. 800mg wont kill you but it will take away the pain. i sually break it in half for 400mg's.

    ive OD'ed on ibproufin before by accident. it SUCKS! well i dont know it was an auctual OD because i never went to the hospital and didnt have to get my stomach pumped or anything. but i took 1000mg's of OTC after an INSANE day of paintball back when i played... i tooke like 5 i think. i was in alot of pain. then i got a feaver, dihareaha, vomited like 10 times, became dillusional, my mom told me i was talking all slurred, and i couldnt make sense of anything. its like being incredibly drunk on poision.... ugh.... it was bad

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